Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bento #30

Managed to walk 2km in 24mins this morning and walked to the shops to pack my lunch. We had porridge last night so no extras for lunch today.

It took me two hours to get home from work last evening as it was pouring cats and dogs and a kitchen sink or two! And the road in front of our apartment complex was congested with traffic going to and fro at 11pm! And this morning instead of 20mins to get to work, it took me 45mins! and boss saw me driving into the basement carpark some more! aiyoh!

Well, today's bento has another of my favorite food - (R) yam cake (but do take note - its without the sweet sauce!) garnished with cili flakes ~ courtesy of Domino Pizza! (L) Vegetables Curry with tou pok (ladies finger, brinjals and long beans) (Top) Tau Foo squares with sweet sauce. Yam cake was lovely dipped in the curry!


stargal said...

woo... i heart yam cake! *salivating*

Emily said...

Yup! I could eat it once a week for the rest of my life!