Friday, October 31, 2008

Of Today's Activity and Traffic!

My exercise goal of 4km for this morning did not materialise but nevertheless I did two rounds of 1km - wont bother with the mins! ~ but did put in a total of 30mins walk! Breakfast was wholemeal steamed bread with canola spread with sliced bananas, slice of papaya, half an orange and a plum! I get half a mug of ovaltine (all along I thought it was milo that I was drinking!) whenever I have bread for breakie!

Found a nursery in Puchong stocking Telang plant, so gonna get a pot of it for mother! Soon!

A sale sign staring at me while I was stuck in traffic getting to my 2.30pm appointment at Silverfishbooks today! Such an enabler I am! So you have been duly notified of this sale!! Now dont go broke on my account! It took me 4omins from the Jalan Bangsar to Bangsar Village II parking! Goodness me!

I had a wonderful time chatting with Nesa, Chet and Phek Chin at the bookshop. With Raman walking in and out of our conversation on numerous topics, we gurls had a fun time talking about hawkers winning RM20M big ones, to Halloween and the local equivalents, books we are reading, read and our to-be-read-pile ~ something every reader has! Thanks Ladies! I had a wonderful afternoon! Enjoyed the company tremendously! We do it again soon!?

I came away with a copy of Suchen Christine Lim's 'A Bit of Earth' which came highly recommended by Phek Chin and guess what? I started reading it at the 100yen shop in Taman Pertama where I was at between 5.45 to 6.30pm this evening!

I had passion fruit with peanut topping snowy ice and I brought the container home! Tssk2 ~ note to self: must buy a RM4.90 soup bowl/mug from the outlet and get them to wash and put my snowy ice in it for my next order!!!!

Background on Ms Suchen Christine Lim

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bento #54

I finished this morning's 4 rounds of 1km in 50mins and walked further to clock in 60mins worth of exercise in total. That gives me a total of three days of exercise from Sunday (2km-in-30mins, tues 3km-in-40mins and this morning).... goodness! Gonna work on walking 4km tomorrow and 5km on Saturday! And Terry Fox Run is on Sunday!

Bento #54 is my bento for Tuesday:

Top 350ml box contains stir fried bean sprouts, bitter gourd with carrots.
Btm 200ml box ~ white rice with chicken curry sauce.
Right 200ml box ~ chicken and potato curry

So that was my only bento captured on camera for this week. Had been going out with mother this past week and eating so much! Aiks! Yesterday we were in SS15 in Subang where we enjoyed soya bean drinks, cendol with pulut... The day before we had visited the 100yen outlet in Puchong and had our lunch nearby. Mom had duck rice while I had a small serving of prawn noodles! BTW mother said that she will certainly want to visit the 100yen shop again!

In a bid to not over-eat, mom and I shared today's lunch which was one order of claypot chicken rice which had a wee bit of salted fish in it (mother liked it!) and an order of Char Kuey Tiow with prawns and chinese sausage! We had our eyes on the herbal chicken noodles but decided that our eyes and tummies do not agree! But we finished off our afternoon at another location with both of us each having a lovely glass of honey lemon on ice!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Terry Fox Run 2008, Bento Given Away and Health

This year's Terry Fox Run will take place on Sunday, 2nd November 2008 (Flag off 9.00 am) at Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens). Participants are to be at the assembly area by 8.45 am. All participants must run on the designated route. The Terry Fox Run is an all-inclusive family event and there is no charge to participate in the Terry Fox Run. T-shirts are available for sale at the following locations:

1) The Canadian High Commission, Menara Tan & Tan
2) At the Lake Gardens prior to the run

Click here to see video of 2007's Terry Fox Run:

~ Year 2006's Terry Fox Run T-shirt ~

~ * ~

I packed some bento stuff for my DH's Son and DIL. I hope they find the Lock&Lock boxes useful. I included some accessories too! Cutlery sets, veg cutters, rice ball shaper, sauce bottles and wrapping cloths!

The scan was okay, nothing to worry about. Next appointment will be April 2009 !

See here the results of my hard work of exercise and food portioning diet! Mind you, you do not get the same results with fad diets ~ it gotta be 'putting one foot in front of the other!':

Year 2007:

Year 2008:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anyone Else Read Any Books Lately?

These books are from my most recent purchases (left) from Bookexcess at Amcorp and (right) from a stall at the weekend fleamarket at Amcorp too! I finished reading them today.

'Rock Me Gently' by Judith Kelly is based on a diary kept by Judith Kelly during her two years stay at a Catholic orphanage back in the fifties in Sussex, England. A convent childhood filled with terror with both mental and physical abuse. Quite different from what I envisaged a convent upbringing meant. But then of course, in Malaysia, we only had convent schools where the students fared exemplary well!

'CatWings'by Ursula K. Le Guin with Illustrations by S. D. Schindler is a children's book about this litter of kittens born with wings! The author had dedicated this book : 'To All The Cats I've Loved Before" ~ cute!

Their mother, Mrs. Jane Tabby could not explain why all four of her children had wings. "I suppose their father was a fly-by-night," a neighbor siad, and laughed upleasantly, sneaking round the dumpster. "Maybe they have wings because I dreamed, before they were born, that I could fly away from this neighborhood," said Mrs. Jane Tabby.....

I was actually looking for my copy of 'Legacy' by Shahriza Hussein for want of something to read tonight but as usual, things are no longer in their 'safe' and 'I know its there' places after some tidying up had been carried out. True to the meaning of 'organised chaos!'

And my copy of 'Little Hut of Leaping Fishes' is in the car with 'Evening Is The Whole Day' - hoping to be able to make to October's Readings@Seksan on Saturday, 25/10/08 at 3.30pm ~ which looks like its not gonna happen for me!

And so this is the book that is gonna keep me company tonight! 'The Little Friend' by Donna Tartt which reminds me that I had yet to finish another title by her: 'The Secret History' which I started some couple of months back but put down to read 'Riding the Iron Rooster' by Paul Theroux. As usual, the book is somewhere in MY room, another victim of more tidying up!

Good nite Folks!

p.s.: This morning, I did two rounds of 1km in 28mins and then walked for a bit more clocking in a total of 50mins. Don't know why but was a wee bit tired.

Red Rose Award!

A big thanks to Sharon, Mummy of 3 Lil Angels who gave me this lovely award.

Red Roses for 7 Friends

The rules of the award are: ~

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated.

For starters, I in turn present this award to my giver ~ Sharon, Mummy of 3 Lil Angels

I'd like to present this award to :

My two suffering chaperones for all the meetups they had to attend alongside me! my eldest gurl ~ Molly and my second gurl ~Diyana;

the Mama of Malaysian Bento! ~ Bento Pet!;

my online bento and foodie friend ~ Wendy;

a delightful personality from my Malaysian-Bookcrossing group ~ Stargal Sue;

and new found bento friend from Klang ~ Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover!

Do Say A BIG Thank You To Me for Telling About You This!

Specially for my friends who are legal residents of the 50 states in America:

All emotion aside (as if that's possible), what are you doing between now and November 14th?

Well you could be entering your chance to win a sewing machine, the book, fabric, thread and so on! Anna Maria's publisher has set up a landing page for the book here, and it includes a gianormous sweepstakes thanks to Wiley Publishing, Singer, FreeSpirit Fabrics, Coats & Clark.

And you can enter once a day and you don't even have to buy the book to do so but then again why don't you go ahead and buy a copy or two!
Exciting stuff!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bentos #52 and #53

Oh oh, did not walk this morning nor yesterday, or Sunday for the record; but did quite a bit of house cleaning on sunday though and sprained my right arm in the process. Had to take a panadol in order to sleep on Sunday night!

Went for the iodine drink session this morning and they weighed me in too. Last time they did that was in June 08 and yahoo I lost 4kg! which meant that I did not put back on as much as I thought I would have! On track on track! Well did not loose as much as I had planned but hey, every gram counts right?

Breakfast for Mon & Tues was the usual fruits but I had wholemeal bread instead of oats.

I had the most amazing vegetarian bento for lunch today ~ YUMMS! ~ I had vegetarian for lunch on Monday too.......

Bento #52 @ RM4.50
Left: Sweet pineapple
Top: Vegetarian curry with tou pok, brinjals and cabbage; chunchy french beans with tender potatoe slices ~ yummy~ gonna try emulate this dish, soon! And a slice of vegetarian luncheon meat.
Bottom: Brown rice with slices of vegetarian char siew

Bento #53 @ RM5.80
Left: On top are two pieces of delicious gluten with lovely sauce sprinked with sesame seeds, on a bed of tender yet firm ladies fingers and two pieces of 'pork ribs' in vegetarian XO sauce!
Middle: Brown rice
Right: Vegetarian 'pork trotters' in black vinegar and black beans! Oh-la-la!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Assistance Needed Here!

Some months back I managed to find this stand at one of the small shoplets on the lower ground floor at Amcorp Mall. Cannot remember the name of the shop though, they carry cotton comforter sets and cotton bedlinen as well as soft furnishing items. But they no longer display this stand though so I guess they must have sold out.

Now that I have this stand which I had been hankering on getting for the longest time, I have no idea what sort and size of plates to get for it. The top tier diameter is 6.5", middle 8.5" and bottom 10.5" with a general overall inner diameter of 12.5".

Any one with any idea here? Visions of afternoon tea awaits me, still........ sigh....

P.S.: Was supposed to be cleaning the apartment this morning but caught "The Naked Chef ~ Wedding Bells" ~ the recipes were fabulous! especially the passion fruit sorbet! and missed out on the early bits of "Miss Potter ~ Beatrice Potter" the famous English children book writer! Gosh! that was a beautiful movie ~ the countryside was heavens! Anyone else took in any movies this weekend?

BTW finished cleaning up the apartment by 1.30pm!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recent Purchases From 100Yen!

Updated: (Look what the nice staff at Puchong outlet gave me!)

I finally had a close up look at the foodstuff section of 100Yen and discovered these condiments for the rice balls, nori strips, garnishes.

Some accessories which I liked:
More bento boxes: FOR MOI!
Non-100Yen cookie cutters!
Goodnite folks!

Bento #51

No walk today.... I went to bed early last nite (which is not the norm!) @ 10.30pm! Maybe coming down with the flu or being off the thyrosit for almost a month now is finally taking its toll. Anyway, things will be back to normal next Friday!

Anyway, I made breakfast for both of us today: A slice of papaya, half a kiwi, half a banana for each of us. Medium serving of milo flavored oats with sliced bananas for DH, two slices of wholemeal bread with balance of sliced banana for moi! Half a mug of milo in hot water completes my breakkie!

Another yummy vegetarian bento today! (I am off all form of seafood and supplement, remember? and I did overdosed on meat the other day!)

Left: Vegetarian curry chickenCentre top: Noodle wrapped prawns and nori fish cutlet on a bed of stirfried long beans. Centre bottom: brown rice garnished with slices of char siew
Extreme right: sweet sweet watermelon! Cost of today's lunch: RM6.70 for the whole lot

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bento #50

I did 5 rounds of 1km in 62 mins this morning! DH was very pleased with my effort!

Breakfast was a slice of papaya, one green kiwi, half a starfruit with half a banana sliced into my usual small serving of milo flavoured oats.

Today's bento is vegetarian:
Left: Two pieces of braised fried tofu in vegetarian oyster sauce accompanied by stir fried 4-angle beans. Right: Brown rice with two slices of vegetarian luncheon meat. Next: My favorite fruit - pineapple!

Snazzy&Such's GIVEAWAY for their First Anniversary

Snazzy & Such are celebrating their First Anniversary with a GIVEAWAY

Hartini is a wonderful teacher ~ read my post on the sewing class Molly and I took with Hartini earlier this year!

Here is what you need to do!

If you want to win any of the three prizes up for grabs, you have to do:

1. Blog about this giveaway..
2. Post a comment on this post and please give the link of the giveaway entry on you blog..

Good luck!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another 100Yen Location

The Puchong branch of the 100Yen shop is the third I had visited thus far! Though I was looking for 'Taman Pertama' outlet and not Taman Permata! Having given up on Pertama/Permata - I headed over to Puchong's outlet.

It is next to Tesco! at Bandar Puchong Jaya, behind Bari cafe? Its a corner lot and the largest so far I had visited. It has cafe style tables and chairs outdoor and indoor for those who would like to have a Snow Ice dessert!

Officially there are six outlets already in operation but Taman Desa's branch is very new ~ just opened on 10-10-08! The Ipoh branch is opening this Sat!

And GREAT NEWS FOR THOSE AMONG US RESIDING IN PENANG! ~ Seems that there is ONE OUTLET THERE ALREADY!!!! The lady said she does not know the English name but its at PUCK HOI ??? Make any sense to anyone? But there is plan to open a second outlet in Penang soon. The management plans to open a 100 outlets in Malaysia!! For info, all branches in Selangor are 100% owned by 100Yen management but all outstation branches are under franchise!

P.S.: The staff manning this outlet is very trustworthy.... I left my wallet there and they kept it the drawer awaiting my return! Everything was intact!

The official six outlets:

Puchong outlet:
Mango Snow Ice:

Gurls and boys shampoo hats to keep the shampoo outa their eyes!
Only seen at Puchong, yarn and jumbo knitting needles: