Friday, March 26, 2010

About gnocchi and Hakka abacus beads...and plants!

I had been meaning to make gnocchi or abacus beads but came out with this instead just because I cannot remember the recipe!  Bought me a round yam on the last trip to the wet market; having forgot to print out the recipe; ended up making taro dumplings instead!  They are those fish paste like looking roundish lumps at the bottom of the picture (below).  I added the boiled dumplings to the balance of the braised pork ribs from last night ~ and the result was delicious, the dumplings were delicate and soft!
Below: my newly acquired plants.
Below: as you can see, I put those hooks to good use!
Above & Below:  I have never seen flowers in spider plants before. Have you?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Argggggh! I am heavier!

While DH lost 8kg during his treatment, I packed on 8 lbs!!! Due to no morning walks and eating-out-for-one!

I resumed my morning walk yesterday doing only half hour, and 45mins today!  Me and DH drinking the following vegetables blended twice a day... this is supposed to ease DH's constipation, and me... just for fun!
Above: lettuce, green apple, lemon, onion, tomatoe and cilantro?
blended with half a glass of drinking water.

Below: I have been back to 'Buy Sell Trade s/b' located towards the rear of the lot behind the 'Restoran Hari Hari Datang' ~ end of Taman Ampang Hilir and the MRRII? on the way to Ampang Jaya/Ampang Point
Below: I bought numerous packs of the following hooks for my hanging plants.  You find some nice stuff there every now and then!

Below: Started reading Philip Norman's 'John Lennon, The Life'
Hope to finish this over the weekend in Melaka!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bookstore, Books, Bento box and food...

What we did last sunday....
Above & Below: BookXcess new venue..
Books purchased for the day!
Above: Top 3 titles from flea market stall, the rest from BookXcess!

Above & Below: Shiny Round Bento Box!

Above: Healthier chicken dish!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Reading.....

Note to my Valued Readers:
I have been experiencing server/internet problems for the past couple of weeks resulting in me being unable to reply to comments here at my blog and me also not being able to leave comments at all the blogs I visit!!! ;(((  So its the server and not me being anti-social! ;)  Being able to post here is heaven sent!

Sonia: Thanks for visiting here ever so often and Happy Belated Birthday Gurl!  I can only see the picture of your birthday cake decorated so well with the macarons!  But alas cannot see the picture of you with the cake ;(((  Will visit all your postings when the server is up again!

Sharon: Aiseh! no worries about the book.  Not working till end of May 2010 so plenty of time to meet up yet! Not sure about Bookexcess on Friday but most likely to be there on Sunday!

Javapot:  The last product I ever used to 'wash' my vegs and fruits was something that was Aussie made and from bee pollen.  and it was really expensive for way back then like two decades ago?  RM30++ for a bottle!  I normally soak my washed and picked vegs in filtered water with a sprinkle of salt!  So far I only use the new product for dish washing!

Pauline: Re tiffin container.  The outlet is a 2nd hand product outlet and the piece was the only piece available! It was a promotional piece as it has 'Guiness' and 'made in India' embossed at the bottom! I have seen similar containers going for RM11.00 (cheapest) at some Chinese shops selling crockery and flatware. 

Below:  Started this book today and I must say its quite entertaining!  The story is about Kyle MacDonald, who until recently was 'between jobs', sick of sponging off others, and on the verge of being dumped by his girlfriend.  He had to do something to get out of that rut.  It was then that he remembered a childhood game 'Bigger and Better', a way of trading old stuff to get bigger and better new stuff.  And then he saw it, a red paperclip holding the pages of his CV together, ready to go out into the world and help him find a job.  He decided that he would start with that.  And promised to visit whoever would trade with him, wherever they were, swapping each time for something bigger and better until maybe - just maybe - till he got a house! And so with a small piece of stationery he began his great big adventure!!
Above: as you can see, I am totally enjoying my non-working life! a good book, coffee, cable tv and pineapple tarts!

Above &Below: Wantan noodle curry laksa and red bean with orange peel tong sui from my favorite stall in Taman Maluri!
Above and Below: DH had completed his radiationtherapy and on the way to recovery, from the radiationtherapy that is! Everything else is still too early to say.  Progressed from blended food to solids!

Monday, March 15, 2010

On a Reading Spreeeee!

Below: Another of my book purchases from Amcorp Mall, this time from my fav flea market stall.  Roald Dahl's "Boy Tales of Childhood" - a wickedly hilarious book!

Below: Made this tong sui from scratch ~ tong kuah, mutt chu, loh hong koh....
more pictures H.E.R.E.!
Above: Got this dish wash liquid (made in Malaysia somemore!) from Simply Organics at Taman Desa, Old Klang Road.  With this, I use smaller amounts, my hands are smoother and hey! you can wash your fruits and vegs in it too!


Paid a visit to SPCA one sunday last week... nope.. not to adopt a pet... just bringing some cakes for the volunteers (to say thank you!) and a stack of newspapers for the kennels.
Below: had a craving for fresh popiah and only just found a good source from Imbi market (Crispy Sisters) but alas they served their popiahs in styro! Did not realised this until serving time! argggghhhh
but I did bring my own container for takeaway though.... a saving grace?
Below:  picked up this title "The Language of Threads" by Gail Tsukiyama at Amcorp mall and found the story endearing and enjoyed the writing style... gonna search for other titles by her, especially "Women of the Silk"
Below: Got the biography of one of my favorite 'mature' female actress.. Helen Mirren from BookExcess at Amcorp mall.