Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Have Been TAGGED! Urggggh!

Tagged by Diyana!

1. Real name: Aunty Jo-Ann
2. Nickname: Emily
3. Married: 2nd time oledi
4. Male or Female: female, the grouchy type somemore!
5. High school: Jalan Gasing, Red Skirt Girls Secondary School, PJ
6. College: Stamford Executive Centre
7. Short or long hair: Long
8. Are you a health freak: pretending to be
9. Height:5 ft 0inches
10. Do you have a crush on someone: yes, whenever I rolled over DH in my sleep
11. Do you like yourself: I am my Number 1 Fan!
12. Piercings: yup, most recently last week, while mending the hem!
13. Righty or Lefty: righty.
14. First surgery: C-Sect for eldest gurl
15. First piercing(s): cant remember when though
16. First person you see in the morning: DH loh
17. First award: promotion to standard 3 from standard 1 count ah?
18. First sport you joined: aiyoh, cannot remember that far back
19. First pet: miao2
20. First vacation: I have a photo of me aged 2? Supposedly in Cameron Highlands but I was too young to remember ever being there!
22. First crush: A guy name Ivan Ho(Surname) who plays drums (at his house ~ 2 doors away from mine) when I was 13?
23. Eating: not eating
24. Drinking: Tesco 3-in-1 coffee
25. You are about to: scratch my butt
26. Want kids: ? at age 51?!!!! That will be a miracle! (Fingers & Toes crossed!)
27. Want to get married: if the situation warrants, I hope it will be THIRD time – get it 110% right!
28. Careers in mind: SAHV (stay at home vegetating!)
29. Lips or eyes: Eyes!
30. Hugs or kisses: Hersheys
31. Shorter or taller: taller
32. Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
33. Sensitive or loud: Loud first, sensitive second: My motto is Shout first, apologise later
34. Trouble maker or hesitant: ? no comprehend the ?
35. Kissed a stranger: Nope! A handshake is all I offer!
36. Drank bubbles: that was a long time ago (or was it 2 months ago)
37. Lost glasses/contacts: many a pair ~ glasses
38. Ran away from home: for me, it pays to run-away-from-home, my rewards so far – a thick gold chain and my car!
39. Liked someone younger: Oh yes! John Travolta?
40. Liked someone older: Charles Bronson?
41. Broken someone’s heart: Lately, none…. Sob!
42. Been arrested: Only vertically…. Oh… its vertically challenged!
43. Cried when someone died: in real life or literally?
44. Liked a friend: new ones or old ones?
45. Yourself : yes
46. Miracles : yes
47. Heaven : heaven-on-earth!
48. Santa Claus: The ceramic types – preferably holding my bubbles drink!
49. Angels: yes, me of course!
ANSWER TRUTHFULLY (Got Truthfully one meh?!!)
50. Is there one person you want to be with right now: yes ~ the one presenting me with the keys to a free Mercedes Benz?
51. Do you believe in God: yes, the God of Wealth!

I am now tagging:Aiyah, whoever thinks can better me on my answers lah! Hey, Got Prize Awards Given Away One!! OKAY, I CHANGED MY MIND: I HEREBY TAG ~ Sue, Janet, Dania's Mother, Nik, Melanie and Lillie!

Monday, April 28, 2008

KLAB ~ More Details!


Now everyone can afford art!

IT IS NOT OFTEN IN LIFE that I have experienced this level of excitement about art." -- Lucien de Guise, Curator for Islamic Art Museum, on the first ART FOR GRABS

Featuring 40 stalls by artists known and not-yet-known selling Paintings, Drawings, Photos, Self-designed T-shirts, Hand-made Accessories, Hand-sewn dolls, Sculptures, Music, Movies + Artistic Services (hmm!). You can also join Workshops on Tap-Dancing, Modern Jazz Dance or Chill Outwith Cupcakes + Coffee in the Loft, while you watch the masses haggle below you... Eh, no need to haggle lah please...

Dates: Sat 3 & Sun 4, May 2008
Hours: 12pm - 6pm
Venue: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe, KL
Admission: FREE!
Enquiries: 03 2070 1137

In the same weekend...
1. KL ALTERNATIVE BOOK FAIR (featuring 20 indie publishers)
2. WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY (by Centre for Independent Journalism)
3. DONG TAI DU – Attitude Movement (Chinese Indie Music Revival) on Saturday


12.30pm WPFD: Towards an Ethical Media forum
1.30pm KLAB: Bersih photo book launch & forum
3pm FARISH NOOR on "The Lost Tribes of Malaysia":
The construction of 'race' in colonial Malaya and its
enduring traces today"
4pm KLAB: SIS Forum on Book Banning
4pm WPFD: Young Women Writer's Workshop
5pm ANNEXE: Modern Jazz Dance Workshop

12.30 WPFD: Media Law Reform forum
2pm KLAB: Book launch: Kakiscript & Aweks KL3pm
ANNEXE: Tap Dancing Workshop
4pm KLAB: "Religion Under Siege" book launch & forum

CIJ - WPFD ongoing activities - exhibition and wall painting.

Workshops are RM15 and last one hour; limited spaces only.
To register, email: chungwei.centralmarket@gmail.com.
Everything else is free!

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Monday, April 07, 2008

All Women's Action Society (AWAM)

Hey, folks -

Let's do some charity and at the same time, have some fun, too? My old pal, Linda has a friend Billie, who is in the AWAM organising committee and she's trying to get as many people as possible to join in this event. After all, it's only RM40, it's for a good cause and it sure beats the boredom of staying home & watching RTM on a Sunday afternoon, urgggghhs....

So, I'll see you on 15 June, then.....??? It's held at the Berjaya Time Square in KL, so it's not far away. KL is near, ok? It's not in Genting, not in Bukit Beruntung, not in Sepang, but in KUALA LUMPUR, so distance shouldn't be one of your excuses leh, wokay?....

Would appreciate your RSVP, thank you. And the new location is at the lower ground floor infront of Adidas and Guardian.

Thank you!
Posted on behalf of Billie, friend to my gurl friend, Linda Leong of Kuala Lumpur
Please contact billie at: daywins@tm.net.my

Bookcrossing ~ Update on KLAB participation!

Update: Do join us for this event!

Registration for participation in the KLAB is now closed and we are included in their list!

1. Gerakbudaya
3. Tokobuku
4. Silverfish
5. Matahari
6. Zi
7. Kinibooks
8. Monsoon
9. Suarasuara
10. Holograms
11. Sindiket Soljah
12. Sisters in Islam
13. Project OMG
14. Kakiseni (added on 3 April)
15. Bookcrossers (added 4 April)
16. Amnesty International (added 4 April)
17. MEGC (added 4 April)
18. IKD (added 4 April)

Ahem, we the Malaysian_Bookcrossers were featured in a write up on books and reading sometime back in the Star papers:

Thursday, April 03, 2008