Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gonna to be away abit next week!

From Monday through Wednesday ~ gonna be away for my 'retreat' and these are going with me!

1. Wicked! A Tale of Two Schools by Jilly Cooper
2. Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian (Translated from the Chinese by Mabel Lee)
3. Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver (been meaning to read for a long2 time)
4. The Choice, The Programme by Bernadette Bohan (ISBN 0-00-722551-2 - if any one would like to check out the book!)
5. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens (Mmmph - dont remember ever reading this title from younger days at all - about time then!)

Probably the gameboard or the Long Dog Sampler, nope I think the GB deserve some of my overdue attention!

See you all when I get back!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anniversary Exchange Gift ~ From Jean Angus!

And I drew Jean's fob and pincushion as my gift!

More Anniversary Gifts

Lets see, first there were 2 pincushions from Nik being award for my contribution of fabric swatches to the gurls:

Then, there was Faizon's tatted hanging ornament in Purple! and that cute flower wristlet from June (in lavender):

Then, Usha's crocheted hearts! and Margaret's alphabet fob (Mine's E, of course):

And then there was the special draw gift sponsored generously by Lody!:

Diyana's Anniversary Gift Exchange

Finally, here are pictures of the anniversary gift Diyana made as her gift. They were drawn by Ying, an avid paper crafter!

I am so proud of Diyana's skill in tatting these lace embellishments for the pillow cases. I do hope that she finds them beautiful too and make similar ones for her own use! Thanks to Faizon for teaching Diyana this amazing craft! and Thanks Nik! for the pictures!

Monday, November 12, 2007

WIP or rather none .... ?

Did some crochet on the drive to Melaka on Saturday! Massive traffic crawl coming into Kuala Lumpur on the Sungei Besi highway.....due to closure of major roads cos BERSIH!

Did no stitching whatsoever after that..... cos was reading Catherine Lim's The Song of Silver Frond (all of 328 pages on saturday night itself - 2 sittings - before and after dinner!)

Amazing storyline and a great reminder on why I love that lady's books so much! Book's ISBN 0-75285-692-8. Thanks dear Shantha for this book (am going to get my own copy soon).

Ok so who's next in line for this book before it goes back to Moving Library?

Warm regards,
ps: I know, I know - Emily's a bad gurl

Sunday, November 11, 2007 ~ Interesting ~ Do Visit!

Got this off my darling sister in New Zealand:

A site went up on October 7 called

Through a word game, they donate 10 grains of rice through the UN for every correct answer.

The game itself is quite interesting, and the idea of course is brilliant.

A haven for word aficionados with any concerns about world hunger.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

4th Nov 2007 ~ Terry Fox Run!

DH dropped Diyana and I off at the Lake Gardens this morning at 8am for the Terry Fox Run! This will be the second run for me! Last year it was left to me to do the run on my own although there were a number of Malaysian_Bookcrossers who were keen!....but......

But this year there were three of us! Azwan, Diyana and moi!

Diyana & AuntyJo!

Azwan & AuntyJo

Azwan & Diyana

Starting Line!

Off We Go!


Young & Old

Water Service!

Almost at the Finish Line!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Needles n Crafts - 1st Anniversary Update!

Hi Everyone!

Wow, that was indeed a fabulous anniversary meetup! and here's wishing that we enjoy many more to come!

Thank you Nik for NNC and MW for the organisation and Jackie for helping out!

Hey hey, Diyana and I were the first to arrive, with Just Heavenly's Triple Expresso Brownies, Beef Rendang, Sotong Sambal and our exchange gifts! Nik had her place all ready for us and with Aiman and her DH out on a Boys Only day leaving us ladies the run of the house!

Nik's craft room is to be envious of (and luckily for me, Diyana did not see that room otherwise she will be shaking her head at the status of MY room!). Nik has loads of her FOs all framed and hung on the walls and there is a huge variety of stuff she has done over the years.

MW, JW, BJ, JC and Anna were next to arrive with delish Nasi Briyani (courtesy of MW), Banana Cake (BJ's), Carrot Cake (Anna's), Ipoh White Coffe (JC's). By now Nik's dining table is two thirds covered! Nik made Lontong ~ nasi impit, kuah lodeh, chocolate swissroll, kueh raya and iced Rose Syrup.

We were soon joined by Usha! who brought loads of yummy Kesari, Josephine with jelly/pudding, June with 'homemade' yummmy yam cake, seafood pizza; Rose with dhall curry! Next to arrive was Faizon with macaroni and cheese - delish! Linda and Azie were last to pop by with more kueh raya!

As usual I made a glutton of myself and mid way through the afternoon - had a lovely cup of Ipoh White Coffee to wake me up!

We had a gorgeous time catching up on our various stitching activies, show and tell, Faizon even gave a quick tatting lesson to Anna and Usha! She also demonstrate needle tatting to the tatters amongst us! And as usual it was BJ and Nik posing for picture of their completed FOs ~ this time it was the LDSal! And hey there was Nik and my SHS pieces too!

Me and Diyana were shamelessly collecting loads of personalised presents from everyone else (aiyoh we must learn to make smalls as presents too.. sometime soon... before the next meetup! LOL) Thank you thank you! to MW, Nik, Usha!, June! Faizon! Lody!

We had a lovely draw for the exchange gifts! Wow there were loads of fantastic items made by each and every one of us! What can I say, talented bunch of ladies we are!

What a great time we had and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am sure Diyana did too!

And here are the pictures of my completed SHS! I personalised it with change of colors to the alphabets and colors in the house too. Upstairs light belongs to my DH and downstairs is lit cos Emily is sneaking a bite of Just Heavenly's Triple Expresso Brownies in the kitchen!