Friday, August 22, 2008

Bento #26

Dh, Diyana and I metup for a simple dinner at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA for short) last night. My sister was arriving at 8.05 and told us to pick her up at 10ish but luckily we were early so she need not wait when she was out at the arrival hall at around 9ish. She was surprised with the speedy and pleasant service at immigration!

No morning walk for me this morning, had to send my sister back to mom's place before work. We had a quick breakfast at the local coffee shop in Taman Maluri. She had chee cheong fun and yong tau foo in a soup. I had wantan mee with everything except wantans!

Since there was no homecooked meal last night and we were out early this morning, my bento for today is store bought vegatarian fare. Three pieces of crepe stuffed with shredded carrots, cucumber and turnips garnished with mayo and cili sauce. I like the crepe - taste like roti canai but very light and thin. Stir fried french beans with gluten and carrot shreds. Lastly curry brinjals, cabbage, snake beans and tau pok. Yummy! Had my lunch at noon.

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