Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bento #28

Goodness! what dreary weather the last few days! Started raining as I am typing this post. This morning did 3km in 31mins, yesterday did 3km in 34mins. No bento for yesterday. I had pizza which came in its own box!

Breakfast today was slice of papaya, an orange and half a mango. Two slices of wholemeal bread with sunflower spread and orange marmalade. And one half boiled egg.

Today's bento had one shaped brown rice ball garnished with cili flakes on a bed of chicken floss. I steamed the kangkong this morning and there is my favorite dark sauce with ginger braised chicken (part of my frozen stash). I heard someone is bringing me some chow tou foo and ABC soup for tea!


Lillie said...

Hey! dark sauce with ginger braised chicken my fav tooo...aiyo! drooling oledi..must get me some ginger and chicken tomorrow..LOL..dinner tonite for me is 'chap chai'

Emily said...

Hi Lillie,
That's how I landed my DH, enticed him with a dish of Ginger Chicken in dark sauce! LOL