Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Somethings PuRPle!

I have always believe that things happen or don't happen
for their own reasons!
When Molly got me this purple Coca-Cola Contour Glass
sometime back and
I did not show it off here
back then .....

... I was only saving to pair off with .....

a purple hippo crochetted by Stargal

who also hooked this galant snowman!

and they came in this box with other cool stuff!

I tell
you that
not the
Coca-Cola Contour Glass

Thanks Molly for these beauties!

Monday, December 07, 2009

OMG! Its the last month of Year 2009!

Thanks JavaPot
 for the Happy Mama Award! I cannot say that I have been a good mother while my two gurls were growing up; but nevertheless they grown up pretty well despite their circumstances.
Click below to see the then and now pictures:
(Okay okay - am so going back to wavy hair!)

Above: my book haul from the 2009 Big Bad Wolf book sale by BookXcess at Amcorp Mall!

Below: Pictures from latest visit to 100Yen Kuchai on Sunday ~ Enjoy!

Above: kiddies heart shaped bento boxes with fork&spoon and two inserts

Above & Below: new bento boxes

Above & Below: new kitchen pieces

~ * ~

Above:  Currently reading my first Sue Townsend book, an Adrian Mole series and below
 - right on top ~ Knitting was finished within half a day while DH was undergoing a minor procedure late last month.  I foresee that I shall be able to catch up on loads of reading for the month of December!

Below: I had been tippy toe-ing around in this strappy pair lately!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The BIG BAD BOOK SALE ~ 26/11/09 TO 02/12/09

The Big Bad Book Sale

Date: 26 November – 2 December 2009
Venue: Level 3, Amcorp Mall
(former cinema lot, opposite McDonald's)
Time: 10am to 9pm

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching Up!

Java Pot of MyCuppaTales awarded me the following:

Thanks Java!  Well, I do not have 15 new blogs to introduce to my readers but below are some that I do visit besides all my local blogger sites!

"Life After Money" (psst! she doesnt know that I visit her!);
"Bronwyn's Food & Shoes!" who is a fabulous cook and a shoe addict!
"Attic 24!" a Crochetty site!

Hey! See below our very own non wasteful and totally biodegradable bento!

Nasi Lemak Ikan Kering! At RM1.00 some more!

Below: packed lunch from around Ampang:

Something color purple:

Its a hand operated chopper:

And I used it to grind my chicken liver pate!  Recipe from Food & Shoes!

Yup! I baked me some scones too!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Terry Fox Run for Cancer 1st November 2009

This year three together2!

Above & Below:
Yearly Terry Fox picture with Azwan, the published writer among us M'sianBookXcers!

We finally had a taste of the pancakes with maple syrup at the walk!

Dimsum brunch at the Lake Club where we had no problem getting a parking space!
DH also made it for this year's Terry Fox run, he said he will consider next year too!

Look! A Swirling Bag of My Own!

Enjoying Sex and The City (The Movie!) with my two daughters on the eve of Terry Fox Run (DH is joining us this year!) and learning the ropes on how to use the new format at blogspot!

Here it is ! My very own Swirling Bag !

Side A

Side B

Yup, these latest purchases from 100Yen and Daiso were in it! With room left for more!

Animal mayo containers from Daiso, the rest 100Yen Kuchai!

Above and Below: Sandwich maker

Thanks ~ click here> Wendy for this lovely bag!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog for FT ~ If You Are Not Already!

Read the fabulous articles by my one and only (thus far) blogging student HERE! and Go Vote for Keats The Sunshine Girl! Do click on the two articles: 'Kolam - Happy Deepavali' and Flower Sellers - 'Pookaris' - look for the 'Vote for my entry' thumb sign. Thanks!

Ms Keats took to blogging like fish to water and in the short span of a few months, has more readers and commentators than moi! She writes from her heart and whatever subject matter she writes on, she gives us a fresh take on the matter and she post lovely pictures too!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Book Haul From Recent Pearson Warehouse Sale!

Would you believe it? I visited the warehouse sale thrice! With management in tow!

From bottom up!
A hardcover of a gem: Tony Bennett In The Studio, A Life of Art & Music! Another hardcover: Jamie's Ministry of Food - full of pictures! and recipes of course. Book 1 and 2 of Jamie Olivier, the Naked Chef and the Return of the Naked Chef.

BELOW: First book down: Don't Try This at Home (Even the world's finest cooks have their off days. In Don't Try This at Home, 33 chefs and food writers talk about the times when it all went horribly wrong. There are stories about greedy pets, clumsy waiters, and drunken maitre d's; the food that fails to arrive for a party, wedding cakes that disintegrate, the terrine that falls into a bowl of chocolate sauce, not to mention the tales of kitchen pranks and youthful mistakes. How the chefs manage to save the day is as entertaining as the disasters that strike them. Funny, cringe-making and terribly reassuring, Don't Try This at Home is a delicious reminder that even the chefs we most admire aren't always perfect!); Sue Townsend's Queen Camilla, Jenna Bailey's Can Any Mother Help Me?; Hillary Rodham Clinton's It Takes A Village;

followed by: Gary Geddes's Kingdom of Ten Thousand Things; Roger Highfield's The Science of Harry Potter - How Magic Really Works; Dr Andrew Weil's EatingWell For Optimum Health and Spontaneous Healing.

Below: Anne Bartlett's Knitting - Lives are like threads.... they unravel (how apt!); William J. Mann's KATE, The Woman Who Was Katharine Hepburn; Kate Jacobs' Comfort Food; and lastly one of my favorite male writers ~ Paul Theroux's The Old Patagonian Express and The Elephanta Suite.

I am in BookHeaven!