Saturday, February 28, 2009

This and That! and Food!

Have you been feeding my koi fish when visiting my blog? I got this cOOL thingy from AshleyTwoFish at blogspot and was totally smitten with her koi fish and absolutely had to get my own! AshleyTwoFish did a great writeup on it (Read it here:)

Last year I miss this Earth Hour event as I found out about it too late but have put a reminder to self on my sidebar on the right! Came across this year's event at Stargal's blog
here, go on, slot the date and time on your calendar and PARTICIPATE!

Psst2! Just got word that 100yen Tmn Desa has new stock! Anyone dropping by tomorrow?!!

On 100yen outlet, here is one of my favorite purchase from them ~ A GIANT wire hangar! Todate I bought three! Initially my 2nd gurl was like 'Isnt it too big?' but happy to say she is happy to have it for drying her bath towel!

Rosie has been feeding me well this past week!

Above: Today's early dinner!

Above: Previous previous day's lunch

Above: Yesterday's dessert ~ crepes with peanut butter filling, nuttella filling and plain with a sprinkle of sugar!

Above: Packed dinner of baked macaroni and salad

I was caught unprepared for a heavy downpour the other day whilst at Pudu market shopping for a ceramic pot (tungchoon) for the chicken essence I have been making for my DH. What else can one do in this circumstance? Eat lah!

Below: Lime drink and Lum Meen. I dont really like lum meen but hey this was good! hahaha

Below: Fin!

Lunch Meetup With BentoPet

We metup at Daiso this morning and after spending an hour there; both of us left with a bag each of purchases!

It was tough making up our minds on what and where to eat at the 'food street' but eventually, Little Penang Kafe won!

Above: my ice kacang (BentoPet had a cincau drink)

Above: My set Lunch and half a portion of Otak2 while BentoPet had a bowl of Asam Laksa!
Look What BentoPet gave me (pic below)!
and a large tumbler too!

Thanks a bunch for the lovely stuff and Lunch! Paisei lah!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Book Sale @ SKOOB BOOKS! On till 25 Feb 09

Every book is priced at RM10 or less!

The address is :
Skoob Books
Lot 122&133
Level 1 Menara Mutiara Majestic
15 Jalan OthmanPJ (Old Town)

~ * ~

Below: My to-be-read pile.......


I chanced upon some avocados at the wet market this week, going for 1kg @ RM7.00! What a steal of a price! Had to wait a couple of days before these were ready for .....

Below: Avocado and Tuna Light spread!
Above: my version has chopped yellow & red capsicum, a bit of red cili, small red onions and I totally forgot about salt and pepper - but hey! it still tasted great!

Above: Had it with normal wholemeal bread from Gardenia (remember? me no baker!) for breakfast this morning!

Above: Served DH the same for lunch accompanied with boiled scrubbed potatoes topped with red&yellow capsicum with tomatoes sauted in olive oil and garlic with a splash of red wine relish.

Got this amazing idea from Bento Pet who in turn got it off MasakMasak!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Got Tagged & You Have Something To Read ~ About Me!

Tagged by ThisIsMe!

1. Do you think you’re hot?
Are you kidding me? My Bookcrosser initials are >AJ aka Angeline Joline! ;p

2. Upload your favourite picture of you!
3. Why do you like that picture?
Because its earliest one of me with the babyfat I still have!

4. When is the last time you ate pizza?
Late last year?

5. The last song you listened to?
My favorite cassette of Aaron Neville and my fav song from that tape is: Some Days Are Made For Rain.

6. What are you doing right now beside this?
Nothing else.

7. People you tag? (1) Kelly (2) Sharon(3) Stargal (4) Sonia (5) Biblo Insert name here

8. Who is number 1?
Winner of Bento Pet's Bento Challenge of 2008!

9. Say something about number 5?
BuddyInArms on 'TryingToLooseThatSameFivePounds!'

10. How about number 4?
A NasiLemakLover!

11. Who is number 2?
Sister of number 5!

12. number 3?
Fellow Bookcrosser and Fellow Blogger!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

50th Blog Posting GiveAway! Nope, not mine....

JajaKraf is having a 50th Posting GiveAway! She will randomly draw and announce the winner 2 weeks from now, which is on 4th March 2009 (Wednesday).

UPDATED: Please Pass the Word Around On This!

EDITED WITH PICTURES FROM MY VISIT ON THE 1ST DAY! Apologies to Sharon and kids for not able to get the location to you on time (or did you managed to find it in the end?)




I received this e-mail from a friend. Please support a worthy cause. I'll be looking out for their handicraft stuff.

"Rose Virginie Good Shepherd Centre"(RVGSC), Ipoh (a crisis shelter for women in pregnancy crisis and women and children experiencing domestic violence) will be setting up a booth at One Utama Shopping Centre from 19 (thursday) to 22 (Sunday) Feb09.

We invite you to support RVGSC in its efforts to promote the Centre so that more women who are in need may be assisted.

RVGSC will be selling its famous London Almond Cookies, Mixed Nuts and Melting Moments. Besides these, there will also be handicraft made by our women in Sabah. Look out for Homemade Salt Fish Pickle and Homemade Ikan Bilis Sambal.

Pass the word to all your friends... come and support a worthy cause and make a positive difference in the lives of women and children in need.

See you at One Utama! Come and spend the day RVGSC's booth!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Quick Visit to 100Yen Kuchai Lama

I had a quick 5 mins stay there as I was rushing back home. Here are the two items I picked to add to my own collection:

Above: Left ~ made in Japan Right ~ made in China

Below are bento accessories available there, between these 100Yen outlets (Kuchai and Tmn Desa) you will have enuf to create some wonderful and cutesy bentos for your kids.

P.S.: Anyone else sighted new bento stock at other 100Yen outlets these few days?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Winner of the 6th Pic fm 6th Album TAG Thingy

The Prize: Bento Box Ensemble!

List of participants in order of their comments appearance in the comments box:


Do visit their tag postings and enjoy some really cute pictures!

Winner picked via :

Random Sequence Generator
Here is your sequence:
• 3
• 4
• 1
• 7
• 6
• 5
• 2
Timestamp: 2009-02-15 02:16:52 UTC

Winner is Sonia aka NasiLemakLover ~ please email me your mailing address to

For your information, I am resuming a 9to5 working life on Monday so this means that the bento box ensemble will only be mailed out to you next sunday or earliest next saturday.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Being Tagged & You are Tagged! With prize one!


I have been tagged by Lody.

The idea here is to go to your 6th picture file and choose the 6th picture, and then tag 6 blogging friends.

Anyway, here's what I found: (OMG!)

So anyone care to join me in exercising and food portion controls!!!!??

Hi! Got incentive for bento fans who would like to win a bento box! See here: Bento Pet's raving about this bento box ensemble!

So happened that I have an extra set of this same color! So go on.... take up this tag challenge and stand to win this bento box which comes complete with strap and bag! This contest ends on Valentine's Day ~ midnight!

(Bummer is that I only ship within East & West Malaysia! ~ sorry!)

Usual rules, post a comment here and link me at your tag posting!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old Penang Guesthouse, Love Lane

Edited to include picture of bedroom taken from link given below (CLICK 'HERE')

Old Penang Guest House was one of the many places that pop up when you click (here)

A really good and clean place to be at! High ceilings provide an airy and quiet atmosphere! Paul and Sean are so ever helpful. Do call in by phone first before stepping into the lobby! Cos they are quite popular! We had a double bed room with a third bed (mattress on the floor) for a total cost of RM140.00 (not inclusive of a refundable deposit of RM20.00) for our three days two nights stay in Penang. Simple breakfast provided everyday with freeflow of coffee and tea up to noon or until stock runs out! You just need to clean up after yourself! Outside food and drinks allowed. Free internet (gotta wait your turn) in the lobby and WIFI on the ground floor.

My contribution for the trip:
Taxifare to and fro airport/hotel: RM38.oo and RM35.00 ~ RM73.00
Hotel: RM140.00
Food: RM 250.00 (allocated but has balance somemore!)
Busfare to: Batu Ferringi (RM4.00 per pax per return trip) x 3 ~ RM12.00
Entrance fee to Penang National Park at BF: (FREE!)
Busfare to: Penang Hill (RM3.00 per pax per return trip) x 3 ~ RM9.00
Entrance fee for visit to Peranakan House: (RM10.00 per pax) x 3 ~ RM30.00
Entrance fee for visit to Chocolate House: (Free) with free tasting
Visit pass to Penang Hill: (RM4.00 per pax) x 3 ~ RM12.00
TOTAL: RM 526.00 not inclusive of personal shopping of course!
Flight to Penang ~ courtesy of Airasia - We were finishing up last year's free tickets Diyana got for family use.

Monday, February 09, 2009

What I did get to eat in Georgetown ~ Day 3

Last Day of our Penang Trip.

After breakfast courtesy by Old Penang Guesthouse, we went for a tour of the Peranakan House (see other post on this) and was looking for the all elusive Pasembur seller at 'further down the street' thingy and did not find any. But look what we found instead? another Nasi Kandar venue. This is on the ground floor of Merlin hotel and it was the best of the three we ate.

We did not see any crabs nor fried fish roe but there was the prawns. Today we included kambing kurma (just for me!) and the usual fare of fried chicken and fried cabbage in tumeric. We also had the brinjals curry and nasi briyani as well as white rice. Total bill RM38.00