Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bento #17

I walked two and half km this morning. Breakfast was small bowl of oats, slice of papaya, one orange and half a green pear!
Today's bento is all stash I accumulated by freezing leftovers! I tried steaming brocolli and freezing the extras - but I had to chuck out a couple of sorry looking ones. I shaped the rice this morning, there is another ball of rice under all that chicken floss - did not have enuf brown rice for two triangles so hand shaped into a not so round ball! Filled up the spaces with brocolli and bit of carrots. More brocolli with the balance of the foo chok wrapped fish paste I made the other day. Sprinkled olive oil, soya sauce and cili flakes and a kasturi lime for flavour. I must say, this foo chok roll is yummy! Will absolutely make it again soon.

And guess who brought me chocolate chips cookies this morning!???? Bento Pet! She came by to collect the bento set I bought on her behalf! At time of posting I have had my lunch and ...... five cookies! Everything was yummy!


biblo said...

Everything looks yummy! And someone gets to eat chocolate chips cookies!!! LOL!!! That's the trick, don't buy for yourself then can treat yourself when someone buys for you.

Emily said...

Bento Pet made them!

biblo said...

Even better!! LOL!!

3lilangels said...

Wow, homemade choc chips cookies on top of a scrumplicious lunch. Way to go!!