Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old Penang Guesthouse, Love Lane

Edited to include picture of bedroom taken from link given below (CLICK 'HERE')

Old Penang Guest House was one of the many places that pop up when you click (here)

A really good and clean place to be at! High ceilings provide an airy and quiet atmosphere! Paul and Sean are so ever helpful. Do call in by phone first before stepping into the lobby! Cos they are quite popular! We had a double bed room with a third bed (mattress on the floor) for a total cost of RM140.00 (not inclusive of a refundable deposit of RM20.00) for our three days two nights stay in Penang. Simple breakfast provided everyday with freeflow of coffee and tea up to noon or until stock runs out! You just need to clean up after yourself! Outside food and drinks allowed. Free internet (gotta wait your turn) in the lobby and WIFI on the ground floor.

My contribution for the trip:
Taxifare to and fro airport/hotel: RM38.oo and RM35.00 ~ RM73.00
Hotel: RM140.00
Food: RM 250.00 (allocated but has balance somemore!)
Busfare to: Batu Ferringi (RM4.00 per pax per return trip) x 3 ~ RM12.00
Entrance fee to Penang National Park at BF: (FREE!)
Busfare to: Penang Hill (RM3.00 per pax per return trip) x 3 ~ RM9.00
Entrance fee for visit to Peranakan House: (RM10.00 per pax) x 3 ~ RM30.00
Entrance fee for visit to Chocolate House: (Free) with free tasting
Visit pass to Penang Hill: (RM4.00 per pax) x 3 ~ RM12.00
TOTAL: RM 526.00 not inclusive of personal shopping of course!
Flight to Penang ~ courtesy of Airasia - We were finishing up last year's free tickets Diyana got for family use.


twister said...

emily, can i have the contact no of this guesthouse?

Emily said...

Hi Twister!

Its 04-2638805.

Be sure to say 'Hi from Emily & her two gurls' to Paul or Sean when you call!

Lillie said...

I had forgotton about this place.
Very cozy now.

Emile Zola@life said...

The place is very cosy, I like it. I will keep the contact no for my future use, Thanks ya.

Pebbles Jetson said...

no photos of the bedroom ah? But looks like a nice place. Like Hotel Puri in Melaka

Emily said...

Hi Taty!
edited post to include picture of bedroom - similar to the one we use. Not as grand as the Puri, which I HEART BIG TIME, but Old Penang has its own ambience! More pictures available at the link given in the opening line of this post.

Pebbles Jetson said...

Hee! Thanks

Anonymous said...


are u in penang? can check out if there's any 100 yen shop in penang as I planning for a trip there


Emily said...

Anony! Nope back in KL oledi. Did not see any 100yen shop but SPIED a DAISO ~ Cash & Carry shop (but blue logo instead of Green) on the way to Penang hill and the temple. Good luck. Its on the bus route of #101?

eBauhauz said...

the simple old ways and interior.
Lovely. Happy Chinese New Year 2010 to all.
twit: iagdint

Gabi said...

Hello Emily,
Do you have an email address for them since I want to get in touch from outside the country? If so, would you please email me at gabirich2003@yahoo.com
Thank you,

Emily said...

Hi Gabi,

Here you go!

Tel: 604-2638805
Email: oldpenang@gmail.com

Have a great time in Penang!