Monday, June 28, 2010

Gawai Dayak Night ~ 2nd July 2010

If you had not been able to fly home for the annual do on 1st June, here's a chance to enjoy the event a month later in Kuala Lumpur!

Jamie Oliver & I

My entire collection of Jamie Oliver todate.  The top two books are of the same content.  Paperback was a gift from Sharon of 3LilAngels fame.  Same pictures and chapters but different titles!
If you have an extra copy of any titles not shown above and would like to make a sale? Do Email Me at  Thank you!

June Catching Up Post #2

Riot of my favourite flower in my balcony!
Below: Best-ever Beef Noodles - Jalan Silang Fame
Below: finally some loofah from Pudu market
Below: DH still having trouble recovering from his radiationtherapy,
so seeking help the  traditional way.

Update on 100Yen Kuchai Outlet

For my fellow Bento box and accessories collectors:

Dropped by Kuchai outlet last Saturday on my way to Taman Desa to collect my basket of organic vegs and happy to say most of the previously pictured bento stuff (minus one or two items) are still available there (but not many pieces!).  Do pop by soon.  Sorry did not have enough time to visit the Taman Desa 100yen outlet :(

Below are pictures of stuff I fancied but did not buy! Dont know why?... probably having a fever....!~~! LOL

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Catching Up Post

Following pictures are my wasteless-packaging packed lunch from all over the city!
Below: the best-ever pork noodles!
Below: Wild boar curry from Jalan Alor
Below: Mixed rice selection from 'Hari Hari Datang' outlet near Ampang Hilir
Below: from the organic veg basket ~ look at that color in the ladies fingers
Below: home cooked meals of sausages!

Thanks for Visiting!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paul Theroux and I

Above is my current collection of Paul Theroux titles. 

The list below are of books coming by my way this weekend, YIPEE!

Kingdom By The Sea
Riding The Red Rooster
The Happy Isles of Oceania
Sunrise With Sea Monsters
The Pillars of Hercules

In addition to these titles, I had released my copy of The Mosquito Coast which I had not read
and My Secret Life which I thoroughly enjoyed.

And if you have any of the other titles not listed nor shown above and would like to make an exchange or sale, do DROP ME A LINE!