Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bento #29

I did my 3km walk in 32mins this morning and had an additional 15mins walk to the shops to tau pau my lunch. Breakfast was the usual small portion of milo flavored oats with sliced banana, a slice of papaya and an orange.

I had to pop by Shamelin Perkasa to collect a cheque for the company and was caught in a massive jam coming out of there. Darn! Diverted to Jalan Kuchai Lama to use the road to Bangsar and darn - another stretch of bumper to bumper until Bangsar Village!

Reached work at 11am! Could someone kindly update me on the REASON FOR THE TRAFFIC CONGESTION THIS MORNING!!??

Today's bento is courtesy of the delightful people running the coffeeshop at Taman Maluri. Even the lady at the shop was delighted with the mini tiffin carrier! She calls it 'hoay sam fan harp' ~ happy heart rice box! So she knows of others packing 'happy heart rice box'!

(L) Sweet & Sour fish patties with green & red capsicums
(R) Fried rice with green peas, diced sausages topped with sambal petai with ikan bilis
(Top) stirfry chinese cabbage with carrots and red capsicums
(Stand-a-lone) A yummy apple & peach crumble tart from Celicakes!

I so love my 'hoay sam fan harp' ~ happy heart rice box!


Bento Pet said...

My eldest girl missed her classes at college this morning when she was caught in the jam for more than an hour! Insane!

Acat said...

roads were closed due to the merdeka raptai thingy.

MsPuzzles said...

yup yup the raptai for merdeka celebration.... 2morrow be the same :(