Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tatted Pieces for Me!

The pictures dont do justice to the real things! Cannot wait to get my old Pentax camera back!

The six rounds are my orders from Faizon, the tatting genius! And the rest are bonuses from her to moi! Lucky lucky me! 2008 is great!

Books and Blooks, anyone?

Recent read in bookform!

Really enjoyed Alan Alda's "Never Have Your Dog Stuff"! It was a soulful tale of his childhood, life with a showbiz dad and a slightly mad mother! A guy with a truly fullfilled life!

and how about blogs which became books? Two great authors of blogs of entirely different contents turned into books or rather blooks?

Awang Goneng's "Growing Up In Trengganu"

Seth Godin's "Small Is The New Big"

Currently reading Elizabeth George's "Playing With The Ashes" courtesy of Katie. What are you reading?

My 1st FO of the year? Well almost.....

We were chatting as usual at Needles n Craft, and I was sorta dared to stitched a Tilda piece, a heart specifically... by BJ and Jess!

So here it is..... soon to be completed with embellishments and sent out to...... mmph now who shall it be?

Pretty amazed myself at the speed it was done. I had fabric, polyfil, needle and thread at hand.... and whoalah it was completed in half an hour! well .... it was hand stitched!!

Bookcrossing ~ 1st Meetup Out of Kuala Lumpur!

Bookcrossing! We had a mini meetup in Melaka! A very first out of Kuala Lumpur Meetup!

Katie, Suryati and moi met up for lunch at the Avery Resort & Condo at Tanjong Kling in Melaka. Mini meetups are great too, giving the members more quiet time to talk to each other!

Noticed that the management team has added a reflexologi walk path on the grounds. Here are bird's eye view of it:

And the view of the new swimming pool at Melaka Club (Rotunda) beachfront property. View from the balconey of our unit at Avery:

Thread Catcher From June!

Second piece of handcrafted gift for 2008! Lucky Me! This is from June from Needles n Craft group! She made three of this and they went out to BJ, Shanny and Moi!

Sorry, still getting use to my new camera...

but..... what would you say the color of the fabric is?..... powder blue or lavender?

Monday, January 14, 2008

1st Bookcrossing Meetup ~ 2008

Sunday, 13th January 2008 ~ Malaysian Bookcrossers metup to enjoy each other's company, love of books and .... food!


Cake and Books!

Coffee and books!

In earnest discussions? books... or ?

Where's our food?

Main courses here!

Tucking in

English Breakfast

Meatballs and mash potatoes

Pasta Alio

Spicy Tuna Salad that was 'alive!'

Chicken Salad

Baked Fish

Winding down with cake

T-shirts with prints

Books Books and More Books!

Look what I picked up from Book Express and Popular Book Store!

Last Property on the Block!

Out of the blue, received a sms checking what time I am leaving work for home? An hour later a package arrived! Mmmph new property! and in my favorite color too! Which by the way, was in turn gifted to my DH! He better not say I don't give him properties! LOL

Thank you Nik, you spoilt us all tremendously!