Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bento #23

Breakfast was my usual small bowl of oats with sliced banana, flavoured with milo! Slice of papaya and an orange.

Goodness, no morning walks since sat and this morning I had to shop for fresh produce at the wet market! Tomorrow then!

DH was away since Friday and returned yesterday ~ so I binged over the last three days! I fulfilled my craving for drumstick - KFC original recipe! had loads of banana muffins and one fairy chocolate cupcake from Celicakes in Sri Hartamas!

I had one breakfast of char kuay teow too, another of prawn mee! And as I cleaned one of the fridges I also made a lunch out of all my frozen bento stash (hence no homemade bento today .. nor yesterday!). Hopefully everything back to normal tomorrow!

Today's bento is all vegetarian from the market ~ glass noodles with beansprouts, black fungus, carrots and cabbage. Plus an assortment of vegetarian char siew, duck meat and foo chok. Yumms!

Using a new container - the main box is 600ml and there are 2 inner sections at 200ml each - so my bento today is 500ml! The lid is snap lock.


biblo said...

You sure let go during the weekend... LOL!! Anyway, its the school break so got excuse to take a break from bento-ing.

Emily said...

....but I dont go to school woh!
The slave master was away!.... luckily I still remember to take my meds!

biblo said...

You mean you only go for walks when the slave master is around? And you eat all you want when the slave master is not around?

Don't let the slave master hear that.... LOL!!!

Emily said...

While when slavemaster is around - got partner for walking mah!

Slavemaster watches his food intake and choices like a hawk! So he kesian me one, lets me eat whatever I want whenever he is away!

Anyway this trip, he came back saying that he misses exercising and home sweet home! Ta Daaaa!