Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking for a Zanussi Cooker with Oven

Above: Looking for either this model or the smaller model ie without the gas cyclinder compartment.

Had been looking for a Zanussi cooker with oven for the past week and chanced upon this online shop. Pretty good setup I must say... Do have a look!

Click here: Jin Tex Electronics at Sea Park, PJ

Monday, May 25, 2009

More on Mother's Day.....

Took my mother out for a belated Mother's day lunch on Sunday. There is this new outlet at IOI Mall at Puchong, well actually two new outlets side by side (they being owned and run by the same management!). Seoul Garden was the one we did not eat at though! Next weekend perhaps! BTW, Diyana commented that Seoul Garden will probably be the first Halal Korean restaurant she's come across!
We ate at Breeks! Diyana said that its menu is rather similar to that of Secret Recipe but only difference is that the food are prepared at site unlike SR.

Top & Bottom: Giant posters on the walls

Above: Breeks' Menu

Above: Freshly made mushroom soup at promotion of RM2.00 to any main meal ordered.

Above: my order of pocket toast stuff with salmon - very fresh!

Above: Mom's Crispy Chicken with curry on rice!

Above: Diyana's Chicken chop on hot plate

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Late Posting On Mother's Day Outing

I dont know what's up but I had difficulties uploading pictures the past few days but here they are! Late better than never!

Diyana bought me lunch at Sri Melaka where we ordered our usual favorites which included sago pudding for Diyana and ABC for moi!

Above: Mine - lamb curry

Above: Diyana's nasi lemak with chicken rendang.. as usual I sapu-ed her share of acar!

Above: Mine ~ ABC with lychee!

Above: Diyana's sago pudding

Above: My usual birthday present for my two gurls - reading material! Diyana's favorite author! Btw, Diyana is fast approaching her mid-twenties! Boy, dont I feel old these days!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bento #66, Tiffin Carriers and Water Lily

This past week I managed two mornings of 3 rounds of 1km walkies all pretty much the same speed. Gotta get out of the house earlier in the mornings next week to meet the target of four 1km rounds!

This bento was deligently procured by partner at work - while I man big-boss's office, Gopal takes care of matters outside the office! Thanks Gopal for packing my lunch in this tiny carrier! and putting up with my demands on no more new plastic bags!

Above: rojak
Below: Just sizing up the tiffin carriers used by us! One on the right is mine!
Below: someone's pride and joy! Mmmp, where is my old water lily pot....? So gonna get it for my own!


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bento #65, Tiffin Carriers and Some Reading!

I managed three 1km rounds this morning averaging 11 to 13 mins each. Today's meals are loaded with carbs! aiks!

I packed this bento last night using shredded chicken meat (leftovers from a herbal chicken soup); spinach spaghetti with sweet corn. Spicy sambal and cili padi to accompany.

Below: Nope, not mine! One on the left belongs to big boss and the smaller one for big boss's lunchmate! Mine? watch out for tomorrow!
Below: I have been destressing with a book!

Finishing the 12th of a 16 book series by Patricia Cornwall ~ BLOWFLY. By the way, Angeline Jolin is playing Kay Scarpetta on the silver screen!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bento #63 & 64 and something purple

Woot woot! I stepped on the scales this morning and it reads 68kg or 150lbs whichever sounds lighter!! The past week was exhausting and by the second day of this week - it promises the same!

Yesterday's bento was fried rice stick (rather nice and it looks and taste abit like glass noodles!) with minced dried shrimps with bean sprouts. I top it off with vegetarian gluten and omelette strips.

Below: Today's bento is steamed hongkong choy sam without seasoning but its still tasty and sweet! Above: and brown rice, lightly boiled sweetcorn with steamed minced meat with chai poh and egg! Cant believe I still have Domino'es chili flakes packs! Not too hot - just nice! yumms!

Below is my favorite bottle of scent, a birthday gift from second daughter from more than a couple of years back! See - color purple!