Wednesday, April 25, 2007

X-Stich and X-Stich Gift!

I got a very pleasant surprise when I got home last evening... tried a new route home which was very good - smooth flowing - half hour in total. Left showroom at 6.30 and arrived home at 7.05pm! And there was a little softie and pufffy envelope bearing my name on the table!

Here it is! Thanks Zohrah! Your stitching is superb! And you remembered my favourite color too!

And the heart is a freebie from GOS secured by our very own MW for the ignorant few of us who subscribed to the online mag! The stitched heart is for my boxy lady project! Thanks MW!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Update on moi Scan

Getting a car park space was so easy this morning though I did arrived alittle after 9am. So I guess that the privatisation of the car park system at HKL works. They even provide shuttle service by way of Pergio vans picking up nurses and patients and visitors alike and dropping them en route. I left around 11ish and paid a total of only RM2.00 for the parking.

And boy was I famished after the scan. I drove back to Taman Maluri and headed straight for the best Curry Laksa stall - under the bamboo trees! The laksa is served with wantan noodles and I ordered mine with an extra serving of steamed chicken breastmeat! Yummy! And I had a bowl of hot lin chee kang to go with it!

Ok ok, back to the scan: (BJ would comment that I am such a foodie!)

Hey, I managed to have a short nap while undergoing the scan! I think it took about 10 mins, first a whole body scan and then they concentrated on the throat area. And after a half hour wait, the results were ready! My young doctor, Dr Yusri, informs that there is evidence that the thyroid gland is active again (?) translated into - the cancer cells are there again. Well, it has been five years since my operation which was done in Assunta hospital in February 2002.

Anyway they scheduled me for a five day, four night stay at de HKL on 19/11/07 - wah - full board and lodging - just hope that the food is great! Cos, the first time I had Iodine Therapy which was carried out at Sri Kota Hospital in Klang, I had wanted to go down to the kitchen to strangle the cook or give him two tight slaps for the lousy food that I was served with! LOL I had to beg the nurses there to get me Paper Dohsai(?) from Little India down the street from Sri Kota Hospital for me to survive! LOL! Now, what shall I bring to stitch during my so call 'Retreat' - I shall be in isolation - translates into 'no DH' telling its so late - you not sleeping yet ah? - what shall I bring to stitch - x-stich ke or crochet? What a lovely holiday for me - doing nothing but stitching. Looking forward to 19th Nov 07!

At Assunta hospital, the daily menu was fantastic! That's why my Mother loves staying at Assunta - good food and very attentive nursing care and my brother totally supports her in her grading of Assunta's service.

I should consider myself lucky, cos this is only the 2nd time that I will be undergoing iodine therapy after 5 years. While I was waiting for my results, I was talking to a young woman who had her operation in 2005, she informed me that she is scheduled for her third iodine therapy and that she has had 3 rounds of iodine examinations already todate. Yes, I am lucky in that sense. I will be glad to get back on my medications again tomorow morning, have been cracky without them!

To all my gurl pals at NNC, many thanks for reading! and thanks for all the warm thoughts and well wishes for the past week! Much appreciated.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PCE at NNC, Received my PC from Chris of UK!

On my way out of the house this morning to HKL, noticed the mail DH had brought up with him after our morning walk, there was a package with an unusual shape! Pretty Pretty pin cushion for me! From Chris in the UK!

Don't you agree that my bedspread is coming along just beautifully? Love that color!

Hey, there are changes to HKL since my last visit in Feburary 2007; they have privatised the car parking there! Finally! Paid RM2.00 for 2 odd hours I spent there this morning.

Need to go back again on Friday morning for the scan, today was only consuming a light dose of iodine - only one sip and its all gone! Now, I have to maintain a distance of 1 yard's radius from everyone else!

JomBaliCafe @ Carrefour Subang

Diyana and I had a light lunch last Sunday at Carrefour Subang at where the La Manila and A&W outlets used to be!

There is a new F&B outlet there now called 'Jom Bali Cafe', looks very inviting and prices are the usual cafe range.

The Chicken Hor Fun ordered by Diyana was priced at RM5.90. Diyana had never eaten chicken hor fun before!

.. and a slice of Yam Cake (without the fried shrimps, topped only with fried garlic and fresh spring onions ~ but it has chunks of yam!) at RM1.90 per slice. The JomBaliCafe's White Coffee at RM2.30 is kow which is just the way I like my coffee and it was pretty good, iced water was 60sen each.

Friday, April 13, 2007

My recent FO

Here are some pictures of a FO of mine. Only thing is ~ what is it? Can't make up my mind either!

Any suggestions?

It was supposed to be ..... pin cushion!

Gifts from BJ!

BJ made my day and that of Diyana too with these two stitched gifts from the heart!

A Gift bearing box!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Stitched 'WIP bag' for Diyana's tatting and a Biscornu for me!

And for better close up shots of these, please visit BJ's blog about them:

My recent lunches

Soba: The soba noodles were lovely and tasty ~

Cili Burger: A hearty lunch is the best description for this!

Chicken Pies With Vegs: The pies are from a stall from which I order them via SMS! and Vegetables are from home and served with a squeeze of kasturi lime which later goes into a mug of hot water and sipped slowly after lunch!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No Carbs Lunches!

Here is a picture of what I have been eating for the last three days and so it shall be continuing until 16 April 2007. I have been on a non-fish and seafood diet as I need to undergo a whole iodine body scan. I am going to be so sick of chicken after that!

Thank goodness for the new Udon outlet which just opened next door! Talk about convenience!

The Chef serves me the basic dish of the chicken done in various ways, there is also an order of Japanese cold fried toufoo too. And I get a different side dish of vegs each day. Today's was stewed lotus slices.

Note: The picture was posted 'small' just in case BJ complains its too much! LOL

NELL/J RR06 is completed and Home!

Its finally completed and home! And I have June to thank for! She was absolutely bust for time but yet she took my NELL RR06 home to complete it!

My other partners for the NELL RR06 are Niesa and CK, who stitched their parts last year and when Charlene step out of our RR due to motherhood, the last part was unspoken for... until June so graciously volunteered. Thank you Niesa and CK! Hope all of you had fun stitching this for me. Butterfly kisses to all!

I love my NELL/J RR06 in that although the centre portions of all four parts are from designers charts, my partners stitched their own bits and pieces to make up their squares thus personalising my NELL/J RR06 which is what I love most about it! No one else has it!

Niesa's :

Moi's :

CK's :

June's :

Finally, NELL/J RR06:

Monday, April 02, 2007

More Additions to my Chinese Spoons Collection!

See my new additions!

Both tatted works are gifts from Angie Tan of SnN! Thanks Angie!