Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bento #24

Back to normal! 3km walk done in 35mins ~ 1st km at 13mins, 2nd km at .....12mins therefore 3rd km AT 10mins! DH do not believe me so we are going to have a race tomorrow!

Breakfast was the usual fare, courtesy of DH (in our house - whoever comes home first from our morning walk makes breakkie!) ~ oats and fruits.

Today's bento is last night's dinner leftovers. I put the rice and the rest of the food in our rice-cooker-made- for-two to heat up while I tidied up and put them out to cool before I went out for my walk. One shaped brown rice ball garnished with asparagus and carrot. Next to it is half a rice ball covered with chicken floss. Two small slices of fried tenggiri fish seasoned with kunyit and curry powder on a bed of young bean shoots. And a fairy chocolate cupcake from Celicakes. I found a use for the yogurt container! The cupcake arrived safely. An improvement on yesterday's bento right?


Ryan's mami said...

Yeah, looks appetizing! Really admire you for putting the effort bento-ing.

You're from Penang too?

Thanks for dropping by my blogs.

Emily said...

Hi Ryan's Mami! Ryan is so adorable!

I am in Kuala Lumpur! Thanks for dropping by too!