Monday, September 29, 2008

Bento #45

While I had no morning walks since saturday.... I have been physically active! Finally, everything had been moved out from Epicure. Spent most of this afternoon putting things together at the new space.

Today's bento consist of two sardine puffs (I placed my order for them last friday!), pineapple and stir fried long beans topped with slices of soy sauce flavoured cucumber!

Today's menu for our monday's (Biblo and mine) was suggested by moi! But Biblo's bento is DELISH! Please note that there are three similar elements in both our bentos. Can you identify the three?

Quail egg shapers ~ present from Sharon!

These chicken eggs shapers were part of bento party loot!

Jalan2 at Amcorp Mall

Sad to report that both DH and moi did not have our morning walks since saturday! Tomorrow we must! And we attended two weddings dinners over the weekend too! Lots of eating!

Met up with Diyana at Amcorp mall on sunday (we did not have lunch cos she's fasting) but we bought some kuih from Lulu's for all three of us (we dropped by Yatie's office to collect some London Almonds I ordered).

Found a copy of Patricia Cornwell's Blow Fly, Donna Tartt's The Little Friend, Elizabeth George's Deception On His Mind while there. Dean Koontz's One Door Away From Heaven was Hannah's. She finished reading it here so its now mine!

Saw some pieces of pyrex items at the stalls: (Nope! I did not buy any!)

Pricey! arent they!?
Denture Baths anyone!?


Friday, September 26, 2008

Your Signature WANTED! ~ Free RPK

Dear Friends,

I have read and signed the online petition on 21 September: My signature number is 13202

"Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa Kok and Others Held Under the Internal Security Act" hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at:

Petition ~ ISA

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Best wishes,

Read more about it here: Article at Malaysia Today

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bento #44

4km this morning was done in 43MINS!!! Now.. just a word of caution, I graduated to 4km at 45-50mins from 3km. I walked 3km for a month before progressing to 4km daily late last week. It did not happened just today but I worked at it. So do it slowly! Don't rush!

Breakfast was my usual rice bowl of milo flavored oats with half a banana sliced into it. A slice of papaya and I shared an orange with DH as usual.

With my daily contact with food vendors, I am in fact advertising wasteless food packing! The fruit stall vendor is a nice couple and the lady had in fact promoted wasteless food packing to her own daughter! She has been admiring all my bento boxes and gear! I do hope she will do the same with her client with the standing instructions for fruits daily!

Today's bento was wanton noodles with sawi, steamed chicken drumstick, roast meat with more sawi, wanton in soup. Pineapple and honeydew completed my lunch!

~ more bento gear from the party! ~

Here I am with my transporter ~ Ah Keong (012-654-4067) ~ who has been providing the company with the best delivery service at reasonable prices! Do call him for your delivery requirements!

Bento Lunch Jars Anyone?

From Stargal's experimental porridge post where she rediscovered a thermal food jar (read here) she bought some years ago, I am so tempted to get one for myself (do I really really need one!?? LOL!)... but its a thought!

Any way, I was visiting all my favorite bento sites and chanced upon Lunch In A Box ~ Mr Bento Lunch Jar ~ GIVEAWAY! She is selecting a winner randomly on Monday (her time!) 6th October 2008.

HERE IS MY ENTRY: I have been so tempted to buy a version of this jar but had refrained from doing so. (and I almost picked up a cheap knockoff jar for the same reason - smaller portions - but also managed to stop myself). A fellow Malaysian bento friend just posted her ‘herbal porridge’ packed in a lunch jar and I am so tempted again. Thank you for the highly informative comparison on the 3 versions.

My favorite hot and soupy dish to be packed in a bento lunch jar would be Prawn noodles and with the 4 containers - it will be of very reasonable portions (unlike a huge bowl if you eat it at the shops!). The tasty broth in one container, blanched rice noodles in another, several cooked prawns thickly sliced into 3 pieces laid out in the third container together with slices of cooked lean pork on a bed of blanched water spinach and slices of hardboiled eggs sharing the space in the last container with a generous serving of aromatic cili sauce.
Thank you for this lovely giveaway!"

And she made a comparison on three types of food jars! recently! Highly informative!

And here is another of her review: Sandwich cutters ~ dinosaur shape!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bento #43

Had a buzy day and no chance of completing and uploading this post earlier!
I did my 4km in 50mins this morning :( There was one refuse truck, two other walkers (including DH!) and nothing much else. Well, other than one of my neighours who was complaining about a couple of white hairs she recently spotted in her crowning glory. She asked me if I had any... I replied "I have hundreds!" so whats her couple!

Breakfast was my usual small helping of milo flavoured oats with half a banana sliced into it, a slice of papaya and half an orange.

Today's bento consists of half portion of white rice, one piece of curry chicken, braised tofu pok, stir fried bok choi and honey dew.

~ more bento party purchases ~

The above are some throw pillows I had done up for a repeat customer. She ordered a 3-seater fabric sofa last year (see small swatch in the background). The blue fabric used for the throw cushion helps to update it for the coming Raya. The floral throw cushions are made from remnants of fabric used for her two occasional chairs I had repaired and reupholstered for her! The chairs came to me ~ one was broken into two and the other slightly better, the backrest threathening to fall apart any time! And boy! was she happy with the results. Yeah! another satisfied customer. Think I will miss this trade!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Bento Today!

Today's 4km was completed in 45mins! woohoo! Nothing much happened at the apartment complex today, no refuse trucks, no foreign maids washing numerous cars and only two other walkers! Only eyesore was this lady who backed her car out of the car bay and decide to fiddle with the radio dail, oblivious of the fact that another car is waiting for her further action!

Breakfast was a small bowl of milo flavored oats (cooked in water not milk) without any sugar, a slice of papaya, an orange and a banana.

No bento lunch for me today, had a wasteful lunch (sobbbb!). Office staff packed me a KFC lunch while I told them I wanted a pizza. Anyway.... it happened already, try to do better tomorrow!

Anyway, I found a good sized Lock&Lock storage container on my latest visit to Jusco. It is of 470ml capacity, measuring 3inches wide and 6.5inches in length. The cover is of an aqua color (more green color if you look at it in the night) but leads to light blue in the daylight!

While the separators are non removable, there are endless possible combinations of food packing with this small wonder!

You better hurry, not many pieces available! The Jusco branch is at Taman Maluri!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bento #42

4km is now my standard for exercise! I did 4km in 45mins yesterday! and 50mins :( this morning. I overdosed on carbs yesterday but had smaller portion at dinner to make up for it.

This morning's breakfast was two slices of toasted wholemeal bread with a pat of spread to hold the fish floss, a slice of papaya, half an orange and a banana. Half a mug of milo in hot water without milk nor sugar.
Today's bento box is a new purchase from yesterday's visit to Jusco! The big compartment is 340ml and the other two is 150ml each. Its an air-tight box with snap locks on 4 sides, brand ~ Everin Nano Silver, made in Korea.

The 340ml box contains brown rice mixed with black beans and shredded meat with steamed brocolli, garnished with cherry tomatoes. Beef rendang and more cherry tomatoes in the 150ml side containers. A banana completes the meal!

A new bag to go with my new bento box! Another Bento Party item!

~ ** ~

~ part of bento party loot ~

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Team Work WANTED!!!


Kudos to RPK for upholding his ideals and principles consistently.

It pains me to think someone who upholds justice with peaceful means is arrested without trial. I think the nation is crying for you. We cry, but we shall be calm, and find ways to prevail.

I would like to propose a synchronized action to help RPK as well as to advance the people power for a stronger civil society. Before I layout my proposal, I would like to acknowledge the more effective contribution done many men and women at the front lines - those who are at the trenches risking their well being and freedom in defending the people. My proposal below is designed to help RPK and civil right advancement in a small but specific way. ......

Read more HERE!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bento #41

I did my 4km this morning in 45mins flat and continued walking to clock in 60mins for my morning exercise! DH commented that he is happy to see me walking every morning lately! We had a weight-in this morning and I am happy to inform that he is now the heavier one! For quite sometime I had been heavier.

Vegetarian fare is today's lunch. Today's bento box is the pink version of the bento party box. From bottom of picture: Plain stir fried cauliflower, brocolli and braised bitter gourd in bean paste sauce. The larger tier contains flour crepe wrapped shredded turnips, lettuce, carrots and topped with mayo and tomatoe sauce. The small container has two slices of vegetarian luncheon meat. A piece of sweet pineapple completes my lunch.

~ this bag was bought by sis ~

~ ** ~

~ bento boxes and gear from bento party - 4-in-1 rice shaper from other source ~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bento #40

I completed 4km in 50 mins with one round at 11mins! Feeling good! Will try and walk 4km every morning until sunday! And when I reached work, I did another 45mins of moving stuff and packing fabric sample hangers. Gosh, rather busy today!

Breakfast was two slices of steamed wholemeal bread with a pat of spread to hold the fish floss, a slice of papaya and a mug of milo.

Bottom tier is 620ml: contains four fish balls in marmite sauce, chinese brussels sprouts and white rice. The 200ml container has three whole cikcus halved and the 120ml container has delish chicken curry.

Today's bento box is by Thermos, comes with an insulated bag. Another purchase from Jusco earlier this year!

~ ** ~

~ bento box and gear bought at Bento Party ~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on Petition


Dear Friends,

I have read and signed the online petition on 5 Aug 2008:

"Petisyen Kepada KeBawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong berkenaan pemulihan Badan Kehakiman" hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too.

If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Best wishes,
Signature number at Petition: 2672 dated 5th August 2008

PS: Current total of signatures ~ 23823, our target is 50k, so do your part

Bento #39

I did 3km in 37mins this morning and no extra. This morning's breakfast was two slices of steamed wholemeal bread with a pat of spread and marmalade with sliced bananas! half a mug of milo and the usual slice of papaya, halves of mango and orange

Hey, today's blouse is not so tight fitting! My weight loss is starting to show a little! Honestly, diet and exercise goes hand in hand. For me, exercising alone without dieting got me no where. I am so glad that I started food portioning via bento (well almost bento!) on Friday, July 18 2008 which by the way is exactly two months today! Simply put ~ food portion control is the way to go along with a minimum of 30 mins a day of simple exercise, such as putting one foot in front of the other - SIMPLE!

Here are some of the sites I visit regularly:
1. My favorite online health site ~

2. Read HERE ~ on how to balance your meals

3. Simple Exercise! ~ Walk Off More Belly Fat!

I use the following to monitor my speed and stress levels while walking:

a) Warm-up/cool-down: (3 mph) ~You can chat with ease.

b) Brisk pace: (3.5 to 3.8 mph) ~ Your breathing is pleasantly harder. Can still talk, but with pauses.

c) Push pace: (4 mph) ~ Some huffing and puffing. One to two-word replies.

Today's bento has white rice (about 300ml) garnished with cili flakes, stir fried bak choi (150ml), four pieces of braised chicken in dark sauce (200ml) and half a guava without any condiments.

BENTO lunches does alot for one of my pet projects ~ less wasteful packaging! While I am unable to stop usage of plastic and other types of packaging materials, I am happy to say that I had cut down tremendously the amount that I do use. I try to reuse, reduce and recycle wherever possible.

~ silicon cups bought at Bento Party ~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Feel Okay Tag!

My Quote (Exercise):
"I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I'm doing."

~Marsha Doble ~

'Shamelessly copied from 'Out of Small and Simple Things'

Feel okay? Well you should be! You’ll definitely be okay if you’re going to be a part of this meme, be okay if you are about to have a chance to increase your Technorati and Google Pagerank!

1. Make others feel good: share your favorite, self made, or any quotes as you pass on this meme with the image below.

2. Make sure to come back – HERE - ( to get the master list and leave a comment that you’ve made yourself a part of this meme. This would ensure that you’ve been added to masters list.

3. Your favorites, self made, or any quotes that you shared are collected and will be linked back to your site as its source, this would give you much benefit. Put a category before your quote. (ex. Inspirational, happiness, love, sweet, time, motivational, friendship, and others), much better if you relate the quote on your blog. Ex. Fashion Blog - quotes about beauty; Personal Blog - quotes about success, life, inspirational and many more. It’s your choice.

4. Only one quote and category per blog please, make sure to tag as many bloggers possible. Please update your contributor's list more often. May we achieve thousands of quotes from different bloggers around the world. Let the fun begin. Be a part of a great collection of quotes from different bloggers around the world!!!

Categories and Contributors:
(1)BeautyTips,(2)Emjei Says,(3)Techmobiz,(4)BlackNickel,(5)ifeelokay,(6)iAM-MAi,(7)NeuroPatch, (8)Express4Free, (9)Club101, (10)Earn4aLiving,(11)Solo-Flight,(12)My Touch of Heaven, (13)BigMoneyList (14)A Simple Life (15)Momhood Moments (16)Business Mars (17)FunFierceFabulous (18)My Pink Shoelace (19)Rosa’s Meanderings (20)Chronicles & Tales Unlimited (RED) (21)Within Small Bites (22)My Life…. My Journey! (23)Life is good and Beautiful (24)HappyHeart (25)By Osc@r Luiz (26)Reality Notes (27)My so-called Life (28)Kwento ni Enday (29)The Fountain Of Happiness (30)Amazingly Me (31)Caring Is Not Only Sharing… (32)Onabentofrenzy (33)Denz Recreational (34)Pieces of Me (35)My Inner Thoughts (36)Emily’s Buzy World (37)YOUR BLOG!

View the complete list of Quotes by bloggers around the world -- HERE
* End copy here

I in turn hereby tag

(1) STARGAL (2) Diyana (3) Mollyjinxed

(4) Biblo (5) MsPuzzles

~ * ~ * ~

~ egg shapers - pack of two - sold by Bento Pet at Bento Party ~

~ food picks - bought by sis ~

Bento #38

This morning I took a day off exercising. Breakfast was a slice of papaya, half a starfruit and a banana; two slices of steamed wholemeal bread (DH said too many toasts are heaty!) with a pat of butter to hold the fish floss and a mug of milo.

Today's bento is steamed chicken drumstick, chicken rice garnished with spring onions, lotus root stir fried with fermented beancurd and stir fried bean sprouts with carrots and spring onions. A piece of sweet pineapple completes lunch... or so I thought...

a moderate slice of Death by Chocolate did complete my meal!

~ pretty button bento box straps bought by sis ~

~ assorted colored sauce bottles bought at bento party! ~

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Commonly Confused Words Test ~ My Results!

Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test...


You have an extremely good understanding of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of each of these three levels' questions correct. This is an exceptional score.

Remember, these are commonly confused English words, which means most people don't use them properly. You got an extremely respectable score.

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it! For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog:

link to my results

Compared to other takers:

31/100 You scored 93% on Beginner, higher than 31% of your peers.

33/100 You scored 100% on Intermediate, higher than 33% of your peers.

84/100 You scored 100% on Advanced, higher than 84% of your peers.

31/100 You scored 67% on Expert, higher than 31% of your peers.

Here! Go on! Have a go! The-Commonly-Confused-Words-Test

~ mayo (?) containers? ~

Bento #37

I did 3km in 36mins and continued to walk for a total of 50mins inclusive of food hunting. I was really buzy this morning. Had errands at the bank, dashed off to PJ for some licence applications and some maintenance at the showroom.

Yesterday was rather buzy as well, after the 4km walk and marketing for fresh produce at the wet market, I did two hours of housework too. The idea is to keep physically buzy!

Today's main bento is the 430ml Asvel box. Fried Loh See Fun, omelette with onions, fish patties in sweet sauce.
In the larger of the bento set bought from Jusco @ 300ml is half filled with braised bean curd with carrots, green capsicum in light egg sauce. Banana.

~ sauce bottles with cute animal heads with applicator ~

~ silicon baking cups - loaf shape ~

sorry, pictures of the loot are blurry due to nit photography!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Bento Today!

Did I tell you that I walked 4km yesterday!!?? .... and today!!?? Well, I did and today's 4km was done in 50mins - so I am quite pleased with myself!

I stepped on the scales this morning before setting out on my morning walk and SMILES! Total of 8lbs lost! Sigh!! another 27lbs to go! I hope to reach this target by CNY 2009!

UPDATED:The Original My bento Diet

And big SIGH! got another round of iodine therapy come Nov 08 meaning I have to stop my meds for a month! This is the main cause of my weight going up and up and down.

And did I get to do all the things I wanted done today? Not yet... Last night's dinner was the treasure hunt done in the big fridge! And breakfast this morning was a mug of plain milo and a pack of nasi lemak and I paid RM2.30 for it?

And as I was unpacking this morning's purchases from the wet market... I discovered that I brought home one plastic bag (fruits purchase), one piece of waxed paper (nasi lemak purchase) and darn one small plastic bag (inside the nasi lemak pack - containing the sambal!) .

Well, back to the drawing board. Next week should be better! Gonna go eat my tau foo fah now (I brought it back in my mini tiffin carrier!)

~ strawberry sauce container and panda bento box strap ~

Bento Gift for.......

This is a small gift pack for someone I know and I hope that the recipient will like this present very much when it arrives!

Nope, not telling you!