Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bento Enthusiasts Bloggers Meet!

During our first meetup when Bento Pet came to collect the bento set I bought on her behalf, I told her that Biblo aka Wendy aka 3lilangels aka Sharon's sister mentioned a bento meetup would be a great idea now that we are actually meeting up!

Anyway, copying from Bento Pet's blog:

**Emily and I have been coining this idea of a Bento blogger's (non-bloggers too) party. Before we do that, we need to know how many 'local bento enthusiasts' are interested to participate.

We're planning for first week of September 2008. It's likely to be held in or around PJ/KL, depending on where the crowd comes from.

Emily and I are working out the details. It's going to be a great melting pot of passionate Bento enthusiasts!
( the rest here.....)

How I got started on bento-ing.... I happened to chanced upon Bento Pet's blog when a group of us needlecrafters started chatting about this book:

And here is my first post dated April 9, 2008 regards Bento Pet:

Very interesting blog!
On A Bento Frenzy ~ Japanese Ingredients

And lots of pictures, recipes and how to-s! How interesting, portion controls and appealing presentation of food! Packed lunch anyone? AND scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find lots of utubevideos on Japanese foodie thingies. I love the one demonstrating how to make octupus balls!Very good reading to be had and lots to explore, especially the blogs she visits

Bento Pet's Holiday Breakfast

AND on how to use an egg mould?
First try with the egg molds

AND Buy Bento Box Online: (Psst! careful ~ got adult stuff on the Left Side Bar!) ~ bento

AND Here is a blog with lots of Info!
Lunch In A Box

AND grow your own sprouts!
Grow Your Own Sprouts!

Well, as you all know, the rest is history! Gotta go now and make something for my bento lunch tomorrow!


3lilangels said...

Hurrah! Really looking forward to the meet. See you then!

biblo said...

LOL!!! Emily, if I remember correctly it was you who asked me if I would come to KL for a Bento Blog meet and I did not commit myself, did I?

I wanted to reply to BentoPet's blog yesterday that you really do not do things half way... just say only and before we know it ... LOL!!!!

Emily said...

Biblo! Shsssh, cant say it was me right!? heehee

ShannyK-L said...

See that you got the Japanese Women book! Did you try out the recipes? I did and I love them all!! My fav is the Terriyaki, can make fish, chicken etc mar! hehehehehe...

Emily said...

Terriyaki? chicken drumstick!! Yeah, brilliant idea!