Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bento #15

I spent an hour last night preparing my bento lunch for today! That is after DH had gone to bed! I made foo chok skin wrapped fish paste which I had mixed in chopped young ginger, spring onions, pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil. I used this mixture to wrap a few mini french beans too. Both were steamed and I drizzled some olive oil and soy sauce over them this morning. And to be served with a bit of squeezed kasturi lime juice over them and the extra french beans and cherry tomatoes. Next container ~ I have boiled new potatoes sprinkled with cili flakes. And the last of the mochii Diyana made and some longgans.


.Umi's Embroidered Gifts
Looking forward to collecting two of this ribbon embroidered pillows for my brother's wedding later this month.


biblo said...

My mouth watering... am going to eat my lunch now!!

Anonymous said...

where's my mochii


Emily said...

well, we were supposed to drop by your work place but we stopped over at grandma's and got distracted! Yumms! next weekend perhaps! LOL!

Wah, you are officially grown up! Uncle John send you an invitation card to the wedding!

3lilangels said...

Another delicious looking bento. Well done!

Diyana said...


i'll make some more lar.

Umisma said...

hi emily!

kakUmi here.I'm done with one of the pillows.Will get ready by endof this week,maybe earlier.

Please add me: YM umikalsom so that I can show u some pictures.