Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bento #14

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Today's bento is homemade or rather yesterday's leftovers! Chestnut in brown rice garnished with cili flakes (courtesy of Domino's!); steamed minced meat with chai poh with egg on a bed of lettuce accompanied by steamed brocolli. For non asean visitors, the single hairy red fruit is rambutan whole and some peeled.

This is the other color available for the bento set I bought (mine is maroon/brown color) and for your information its the only color left.

I bought two sets of the above color and another two sets of the maroon/brown color last evening. I delivered one of each color to Wendy when Yatie and I dropped by Tini's to collect the baju kurungs we ordered. It was great meeting up with Tini and Wendy today!

This week I sadly brought home four plastic bags after doing so well (none at all) on sunday from the wet market! Two bags were from Jusco, which thank goodness are bio-degradable! One non-degradable from the fruit stall where I purchased rambutans and a juicy pineapple! And one small plastic bag from the Sin Mah in PJ Old Town where we picked up more beads, disappearing ink pens and threads. [Reminder to self: leave reusable shopping bags in the car!] Hope I dont add any more from my shopping tomorrow at the wet market!

A good weekend to all. Thanks for visiting

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3lilangels said...

Wendy is going to try out your steamed mincemeat. So I'm putting you in charge of bugging her. haha... we're off to a Korean buffet lunch tomorrow at 1U, if you care to join us.

Now I see Wendy's lunchbox, super envy. Should have asked you to buy one for me too...hehe