Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bento #20

Did my usual 3km walk averaging 13mins each km this morning... so no improvement at the moment. And had a peek at the numbers on the scale this morning before the walk.... Hey! despite my bingeing on sunday and the choc&cheese and Bento Pet's chocolate chip cookies (there are six pieces left by the way!) there is evident of another pound lost!!! Fantastic!

Breakfast was small bowl of oats with half a banana sliced into it, a slice of papaya and an orange.

Today's bento is yesterday's dry meat curry with potatoe, steamed brocolli and beneath the brocolli is left over fried turnip with minced meat in dark soya sauce. One shaped rice ball garnished with cili flakes, yesterday's two was abit too much. And oh the sprig of young celery leaves used as garnish for the curry is in honour of my supporters ~ sisters, Wendy and Sharon and mentor ~ Bento Pet! LOL! Hope you like it!

BTW, as I was having my lunch, a young supplier walked in and saw me and my bento lunch. He informs that in cantonese - its called 'loving heart rice box!' ~ ain't that sweet?


biblo said...

LOL!!! Seriously, what do you mean by using garnish in honour of your supporters?

Congratulations in losing another pound and also your stomach has shrunk that 2 shaped rice ball is too much... ^_*

'Loving heart rice box' indeed.... because we love ourselves? LOL!!!

Emily said...

Well, our mentor has mentioned that my bento-s are looking better mah! so when I tucked in that sprig of celery leaves, I tot of three of you! LOL!

3lilangels said...

Congrats! Portion control does work.

Haha.... never thought I might be associated with celery leaves.

Loving heart rice box... hmm, I like to think that my bentos are prepared with lots of love.

allthingspurple said...

you learn something new everyday ! Loving heart rice box !

hey there,Emily, bloghopped from Bento Pet's. Heard you and Pat are arranging a bento gathering. See you in September!

Emily said...

Hi Sharon,
While mine are slap ons, yours and other mothers in my mids... really, truly and absolutely pour your hearts into your daily bentos for your loved ones!

Emily said...

Hi Chris!
Yes2 everyday is a new and bright day!

See you soon!