Friday, October 31, 2008

Of Today's Activity and Traffic!

My exercise goal of 4km for this morning did not materialise but nevertheless I did two rounds of 1km - wont bother with the mins! ~ but did put in a total of 30mins walk! Breakfast was wholemeal steamed bread with canola spread with sliced bananas, slice of papaya, half an orange and a plum! I get half a mug of ovaltine (all along I thought it was milo that I was drinking!) whenever I have bread for breakie!

Found a nursery in Puchong stocking Telang plant, so gonna get a pot of it for mother! Soon!

A sale sign staring at me while I was stuck in traffic getting to my 2.30pm appointment at Silverfishbooks today! Such an enabler I am! So you have been duly notified of this sale!! Now dont go broke on my account! It took me 4omins from the Jalan Bangsar to Bangsar Village II parking! Goodness me!

I had a wonderful time chatting with Nesa, Chet and Phek Chin at the bookshop. With Raman walking in and out of our conversation on numerous topics, we gurls had a fun time talking about hawkers winning RM20M big ones, to Halloween and the local equivalents, books we are reading, read and our to-be-read-pile ~ something every reader has! Thanks Ladies! I had a wonderful afternoon! Enjoyed the company tremendously! We do it again soon!?

I came away with a copy of Suchen Christine Lim's 'A Bit of Earth' which came highly recommended by Phek Chin and guess what? I started reading it at the 100yen shop in Taman Pertama where I was at between 5.45 to 6.30pm this evening!

I had passion fruit with peanut topping snowy ice and I brought the container home! Tssk2 ~ note to self: must buy a RM4.90 soup bowl/mug from the outlet and get them to wash and put my snowy ice in it for my next order!!!!

Background on Ms Suchen Christine Lim


Biblo said...

Good thing I am so far away! LOL!!! But I'll shy away from anywhere that is bad traffic.

Hey, ovaltine taste different from Milo lah... Some people prefer one over the other. I prefer Milo... but now got the melamine scare.

Haven't been reading. In fact, haven't been exercising nor bentoing. Did do a little cross stitching and ... a lot of drama marathoning. Not good at all!! Must break the cycle next week... No, no.. I will break it today. Sigh! er... maybe next week is better.

Emily said...

Yup! Start afresh from Monday next week!