Friday, October 17, 2008

Bento #50

I did 5 rounds of 1km in 62 mins this morning! DH was very pleased with my effort!

Breakfast was a slice of papaya, one green kiwi, half a starfruit with half a banana sliced into my usual small serving of milo flavoured oats.

Today's bento is vegetarian:
Left: Two pieces of braised fried tofu in vegetarian oyster sauce accompanied by stir fried 4-angle beans. Right: Brown rice with two slices of vegetarian luncheon meat. Next: My favorite fruit - pineapple!


3lilangels said...

Bravo! You are really picking up pace. Love your vegetarian food. First time I've heard of vegetarian luncheon meat - how is it comparing to the real ones?

Btw, I went to the Taman Desa's 100yen shop after looking at your review. Bought Thomas stuff and the bento belts. I now officially appoint you as my Personal Shopper. :)

Emily said...

Hi Sharon!
The luncheon meat is made of wong tou so its abit heavier than the original taste. But its tasty enuf for me!

Glad you find my service to be useful!