Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bento #51

No walk today.... I went to bed early last nite (which is not the norm!) @ 10.30pm! Maybe coming down with the flu or being off the thyrosit for almost a month now is finally taking its toll. Anyway, things will be back to normal next Friday!

Anyway, I made breakfast for both of us today: A slice of papaya, half a kiwi, half a banana for each of us. Medium serving of milo flavored oats with sliced bananas for DH, two slices of wholemeal bread with balance of sliced banana for moi! Half a mug of milo in hot water completes my breakkie!

Another yummy vegetarian bento today! (I am off all form of seafood and supplement, remember? and I did overdosed on meat the other day!)

Left: Vegetarian curry chickenCentre top: Noodle wrapped prawns and nori fish cutlet on a bed of stirfried long beans. Centre bottom: brown rice garnished with slices of char siew
Extreme right: sweet sweet watermelon! Cost of today's lunch: RM6.70 for the whole lot


Ramani said...

i like the word vegetarian! hahaha!! is this like from the shop or from the kitchen??

Biblo said...

I can answer that for Emily. They were from the shop.... LOL!!

Looks delish!

Emily said...

Wahhh Wendy knows me too well! Correct ~ from the shop!

How have you been Ramani? Do you have problems getting vegetarian fare at Nilai?

Emily said...

Ramani: here is a blogsite where simple homemade vegetarian dishes are available with recipes!