Sunday, October 19, 2008

Assistance Needed Here!

Some months back I managed to find this stand at one of the small shoplets on the lower ground floor at Amcorp Mall. Cannot remember the name of the shop though, they carry cotton comforter sets and cotton bedlinen as well as soft furnishing items. But they no longer display this stand though so I guess they must have sold out.

Now that I have this stand which I had been hankering on getting for the longest time, I have no idea what sort and size of plates to get for it. The top tier diameter is 6.5", middle 8.5" and bottom 10.5" with a general overall inner diameter of 12.5".

Any one with any idea here? Visions of afternoon tea awaits me, still........ sigh....

P.S.: Was supposed to be cleaning the apartment this morning but caught "The Naked Chef ~ Wedding Bells" ~ the recipes were fabulous! especially the passion fruit sorbet! and missed out on the early bits of "Miss Potter ~ Beatrice Potter" the famous English children book writer! Gosh! that was a beautiful movie ~ the countryside was heavens! Anyone else took in any movies this weekend?

BTW finished cleaning up the apartment by 1.30pm!


Oreste said...

Hello Emily, if not you dispiace, you can dirmi like is made in order to install the "Recent Visitors" like yours? Thanks.

Emily said...

Hi Oreste,
Just click "click to get FEEDJIT" at the bottom of the 'recent visitors' box and follow the instructions?

Paul Lionel said...

Hi Emily,

English Tea? Then the plates should be different sizes (that is smaller on top and bigger at the bottom). Try to get a plate that is at least 1.5inches bigger than the ring. Alternatively, you can put a basket in the bottom ring instead for placing breadrolls or fruits.

Oh and I got my bento boxes from 100yen.

Emily said...

1.5" larger than the ring! That's the answer to question! Yeah!! Tks Paul! Solved my problem! And basket on the bottom if serving English Tea otherwise another plate!