Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bentos #52 and #53

Oh oh, did not walk this morning nor yesterday, or Sunday for the record; but did quite a bit of house cleaning on sunday though and sprained my right arm in the process. Had to take a panadol in order to sleep on Sunday night!

Went for the iodine drink session this morning and they weighed me in too. Last time they did that was in June 08 and yahoo I lost 4kg! which meant that I did not put back on as much as I thought I would have! On track on track! Well did not loose as much as I had planned but hey, every gram counts right?

Breakfast for Mon & Tues was the usual fruits but I had wholemeal bread instead of oats.

I had the most amazing vegetarian bento for lunch today ~ YUMMS! ~ I had vegetarian for lunch on Monday too.......

Bento #52 @ RM4.50
Left: Sweet pineapple
Top: Vegetarian curry with tou pok, brinjals and cabbage; chunchy french beans with tender potatoe slices ~ yummy~ gonna try emulate this dish, soon! And a slice of vegetarian luncheon meat.
Bottom: Brown rice with slices of vegetarian char siew

Bento #53 @ RM5.80
Left: On top are two pieces of delicious gluten with lovely sauce sprinked with sesame seeds, on a bed of tender yet firm ladies fingers and two pieces of 'pork ribs' in vegetarian XO sauce!
Middle: Brown rice
Right: Vegetarian 'pork trotters' in black vinegar and black beans! Oh-la-la!


3lilangels said...

What a good spread! Although the vegatarian fare sounds good, give me pork ribs and trotters anytime!

Emily said...

On diet leh! real ones are fattening! but had real ribs last night for dinner!

Emile Zola@life said...


I just published my 1st Bento set, feel free go to Nasilemaklover blogspot.

Musliha said...

I love all ur bento box..
Where can I buy all those bento box like yours?

Emily said...


Here you go!


Paul Lionel said...

Hey 'vegetarian meat' bento sounds like an idea!

Emily said...

Hi Paul,
They are amazing delish! Could eat them daily for a week in a row!