Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Bentos Lately!

Was in Taman Gembira in Old Klang Road today hoping to take my mother out for lunch but she was not home! So finally managed to eat chicken rice at this particular place along Jalan Nyaman area. This shop has been around for ages!

Had this kedongkong with sour plum drink at Happy Cafe while waiting for mom's return.... but she was elsewhere!
And here are my gear for fresh produce on marketing days! First green bag contains a couple or more 'second-hand usage' plastic bag i.e. recycle lah! Second green bag contains all my plastic containers for the day's purchases!

Random picture of storage drawer units at Econsave at Cheras Permata!
Was driving round and round in this vicinity looking for 100Yen shop at Taman Permata (but it was TAMAN PERTAMA!) my mistake! But not until I was in Puchong area did the alpabets falls into proper places in my mind! Aiyoh! devil close my eyes!

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