Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recent Purchases From 100Yen!

Updated: (Look what the nice staff at Puchong outlet gave me!)

I finally had a close up look at the foodstuff section of 100Yen and discovered these condiments for the rice balls, nori strips, garnishes.

Some accessories which I liked:
More bento boxes: FOR MOI!
Non-100Yen cookie cutters!
Goodnite folks!


Biblo said...

Cookie cutters from Jusco, right? Looks familiar.

Emily said...

Econsave.... at Cheras Permata!

Our Story said...

the cutters are cute.


kel said...

Wow! VIP member! So so so jealous!

Emily said...

Aiseh! no need to be jealous! They give out the stickers at the counter lah! They said to take as many as I liked! LOL!

3lilangels said...

They should give you a VVIP member sticker, after all you've done to promote their store and buying so many items too.

I have only one box of the cutters, those on the left. Got from Jusco. Didn't know there are so many designs. These cutters are the perfect size for cutting fruits and vegies for the kids, though not as strong/sharp as the metal ones. Now I'm coveting your cutters.