Saturday, October 25, 2008

Terry Fox Run 2008, Bento Given Away and Health

This year's Terry Fox Run will take place on Sunday, 2nd November 2008 (Flag off 9.00 am) at Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens). Participants are to be at the assembly area by 8.45 am. All participants must run on the designated route. The Terry Fox Run is an all-inclusive family event and there is no charge to participate in the Terry Fox Run. T-shirts are available for sale at the following locations:

1) The Canadian High Commission, Menara Tan & Tan
2) At the Lake Gardens prior to the run

Click here to see video of 2007's Terry Fox Run:

~ Year 2006's Terry Fox Run T-shirt ~

~ * ~

I packed some bento stuff for my DH's Son and DIL. I hope they find the Lock&Lock boxes useful. I included some accessories too! Cutlery sets, veg cutters, rice ball shaper, sauce bottles and wrapping cloths!

The scan was okay, nothing to worry about. Next appointment will be April 2009 !

See here the results of my hard work of exercise and food portioning diet! Mind you, you do not get the same results with fad diets ~ it gotta be 'putting one foot in front of the other!':

Year 2007:

Year 2008:


3lilangels said...

Great results! Your hard work paid off handsomely. So happy for you.

What a wonderful bento giveaway. Hope they make good use of the many nice things.

My hubby goes jogging in Lakeclub most Sunday morn. I'll ask if he wants to join in the Terry Fox Run.

Emily said...

Hey Sharon! Make yours a family outing !

Here's what we did for Terry Fox 2007! Lots of families!

My DH said he wants to join too!

Emile Zola@life said...

Thinking to join this run too, but dont think my hubby will join as he always like to stay at home on Sunday, family day and relax at home after the hectic work.
Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Diyana said...

we going?

Emily said...

yes! but Uncle T decided not to go..

Your sis needs to check her work schedule though.

stargal said...

aww... shucks! i'll be back in m'ca this weekend... when are the t-shirt sales starting at the canadian high com?

stargal said...

hehe... so cute of u to let the bear-bear wear the t after the event. so u'll need a new bear each year? ;)

anyway, glad everything's alright for you health-wise!

Emily said...

WOOHOO Stargal! Nope, that XS T is for my future cucu woh! so bear2 gets to wear it for the meantime! LOL!

Emily said...

p.s. no idea wth rgds the t-shirt. Do u want me to get u a S? on the 2nd?