Monday, October 06, 2008

Bento #46

I restarted my morning walks yesterday with a half hour brisk walk and back to 4km this morning at 48mins. I will only step on the scales this Friday to see if any damage had been done from one whole week of no morning walks!

IMPORTANT: Something unexpected happened today! My DH went shopping for fresh produce this morning instead of asking me to go. And .... he USED THE REUSABLE BAG and plastic containers TOO! And and and... this evening as I was cleaning and plucking the bayam for stir fry...... he said : Not to 'clean up too much' i.e. leave the stalks with outer skin intact - he decided that he needs more roughage!!! Aiyoh... must buy lottery tickets!

Breakfast was a slice of papaya, an orange and a banana; three quarter mug of milo in hot water and two slices of wholemeal toast with a pat of spread to hold almost the last bit of fish floss.

For today's bento I used the newly purchased snap lock box, each section is 100ml.
Top Left: Quail eggs with pickled ginger and halved cherry tomatoes. Top Right: Reheated brown rice garnished with halved cherry tomatoes and carrot. Bottom Right: More carrots on top of oyster mushroom, beneath that more brown rice. Bottom Left: Braised ginger soya sauce chicken. Finished off with sweet watermelon in the 250ml container on the extreme right.

Look! See what I found at Carrefour at Jalan Peel this afternoon (did I inform all that I am no longer gainfully employed? hence I am so free to go shopping all over town!) ~ this Thermos insulated bag (without any lunch boxes).
And this lovely set of three boxes and an insulated bag. Do note that one of the boxes is of the 4 sections type.

More lunch boxes of all colors and styles!

p.s.: No worries, did not buy any! Just some pasta! BTW, there was one piece each of the storage drawers set from yesterday's post. Hey, seems to be more stuff available at Jalan Peel!


Biblo said...

Did you use the mould for the quail eggs? You used your picks! Everything looks delish.. ^_*

Unemployed and shopping? Do they really go together? Usually, unemployed, no $$$, how to shop? LOL!! Just kidding...

3lilangels said...

Wah... your hubby also got influenced by you.... way to go!

Yum, yum bento. The four section container is really useful.

How nice to be free and shopping...

Emily said...

Biblo: I boiled six quail eggs the night before. Tried out the mould but two out of three eggs got squashed! Only one was a perfect fit and had some success! Of course all three pieces got popped into my mouth - so hungry after all that work! LOL!

I boiled two hen eggs the day before but then discovered I had no idea where the moulds had disappeared to.... (must have accidently given them all to Yatie the day before!). So I made an egg sandwich for breakfast!

Hey! I only bought pasta and nothing else... well for that particular trip!

Emily said...

Wonder if its a case of genuine conversion to recycle, reuse and reduce.... or did he do something wrong! LOL!

Yup, I absolutely love this particular box!... well for the moment!

Bento Pet said...

Currently, you may be the best bento 'shopper' around! B'fast @ IKEA?

Emily said...

Bento Pet! Tomorrow?

stargal said...

woo... ur bentos are looking more 'aesthetic', i would say! looks yummy... good job!