Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bento #54

I finished this morning's 4 rounds of 1km in 50mins and walked further to clock in 60mins worth of exercise in total. That gives me a total of three days of exercise from Sunday (2km-in-30mins, tues 3km-in-40mins and this morning).... goodness! Gonna work on walking 4km tomorrow and 5km on Saturday! And Terry Fox Run is on Sunday!

Bento #54 is my bento for Tuesday:

Top 350ml box contains stir fried bean sprouts, bitter gourd with carrots.
Btm 200ml box ~ white rice with chicken curry sauce.
Right 200ml box ~ chicken and potato curry

So that was my only bento captured on camera for this week. Had been going out with mother this past week and eating so much! Aiks! Yesterday we were in SS15 in Subang where we enjoyed soya bean drinks, cendol with pulut... The day before we had visited the 100yen outlet in Puchong and had our lunch nearby. Mom had duck rice while I had a small serving of prawn noodles! BTW mother said that she will certainly want to visit the 100yen shop again!

In a bid to not over-eat, mom and I shared today's lunch which was one order of claypot chicken rice which had a wee bit of salted fish in it (mother liked it!) and an order of Char Kuey Tiow with prawns and chinese sausage! We had our eyes on the herbal chicken noodles but decided that our eyes and tummies do not agree! But we finished off our afternoon at another location with both of us each having a lovely glass of honey lemon on ice!


Emile Zola@life said...

I have been looking forward to see your new write up in your blog since Monday, finally.....
Nowadays, i have a new habbit, daily I must visit all my favorite blogs to see any new updates.
This morning I did the jogging too, about 30mins. Feel healthy and energy after morning run. Your chicken curry look yummy, anyway, tomorrow I got a chance to eat curry as well as my Indian friend invited me to go to his house for Deepavali open house.

Emily said...

I hoped you enjoyed a great feast at the Deepavali open house!