Sunday, October 05, 2008

In Love with Lock&Lock Boxes!

Just cannot help myself but had to get more Lock&Lock boxes!

Left at 470ml and Right at 350ml

Finally! A four section container by same manufacturer but different brand name. Main box at 700ml with individual small sections at 100ml each.
These are really great for both storage and packed lunches!

Got these two storage boxes from Carrefour Subang! Left piece with four drawers at RM32.90 and on the right, three drawers piece at RM29.90. Sorry! only a couple of each left.


Janet C said...

Where did you buy these boxes particularly the square one that have 4 partitions?
BTW, the 100yen shop is opening a branch in Ipoh on 18th Oct.

Emily said...

JC! Those LnL boxes were purchased from Jusco at Taman Maluri!

Wahhh! Ipoh branch for 100Yen opening soon!!! So you are jumping on the band wagon?

Janet C said...

Maybe! I bought the egg mould and some mayo containers (good for keeping beads too) when I went to Spore last month. And Paul also sent the pink polka-dot box when I won the NNC lottery! The LnL boxes are good to keep small items like buttons, etc.

Emily said...

BTW JC, the container with the 4 sections, the contents will spill over and get mixed up. The best container for you (for beading stash) will be the three sections piece. The dividers are not removeable and comes right up to the top and the lid as corresponding ridges - AIRTIGHT and LIQUID SAFE - beads will not mix!

3lilangels said...

Oh, you've got the storage boxes. I've also got two.... but already not enough to store all my bento stuff.... some more just back from Daiso... *_^

Emily said...

3lilangel: I saw something similar to the one in the link I posted sometime back at Jusco, though slightly smaller but at RM125.00 each.

I only store the bento boxes and accessories I actually used in the two I got!