Monday, October 13, 2008

Something Unusual and Bentos #47, 48 & 49

Was down in Melaka on Friday last week. Managed to use the gym at the condo with the exception of Sunday. Today did only 45mins on the threadmill but managed 60mins on the other days! Oh, btw we added a glass of blended celery juice to our health regime before exercise and breakfast from Friday!

On Friday we had Tangkak Beef Noodles (and they have a branch in Kuala Lumpur ~ Jalan Imbi!). This bowl is medium sized serving at RM6.00!

Bought a packet of this beef jerky for my meals for the weekend.. I have to abstain from all seafood and supplements for two weeks. This jerky was rather nice! Its at RM12.00 per pack!
So I went abit crazy with the vegetable cutters! Bento #47 has steamed carrots and celery on bed of white rice. Beef jerky and last bit of pickled ginger!
Bento #48 has more steamed carrots on white rice mixed with sweet corn, steamed brocolli and stewed chicken drumstick with mixed vegs!
Bento #49 has more steamed carrots and more brocolli and more chicken drumstick!
This trip DH left me to my own devices as he had meetings to attend to in town, I took the bus down to the shops and at one of the many roadside stalls selling local produce and crafts I found this! Kekabu (not Kerabu!) Asli (raw cotton!)

The lady who sold me the cotton pointed out the tree to me! It seems that the annual harvest of the cotton just finished so no pods were left. Anyone else used this cotton before?


Anonymous said...

kerabu ke kekabu la.. haha

kerabu is a dish ;p

wat do u do with the leftover carrot when u cut with the cutter?

munch it ?


Emily said...

I add them to the stew!

kel said...

Yummy, beef noodle soup, one of my favorite hawker food.

With the food cutter, your bento looking cute and more delicious now!

Biblo said...

I hear you, the beef jerky is good... ^_*

June said...

Kerabu lah or kekabu lah, I have had the fortune to experience both. One for the stomach and the other for the head to rest one. Bliss!

stargal said...

auntyjo, did you happen to call in to mixfm this morning? sounded very much like u!

Emily said...

Kekabu is absolutely new to me! Cotton on a shrub yes! but cotton pod on a tall tree!? never before leh!

Mixfm? nope not me! what was the subject matter?

Jess said...

hi emily, where did you get those nice flower and star shaped vegetable cutter?

Emily said...

Hi Jess, Thanks for dropping by. I bought those veg cutters at the 100Yen shop in Taman Connaught:

But there weren't any at Taman Desa's branch though. :(