Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Bento Today!

Did I tell you that I walked 4km yesterday!!?? .... and today!!?? Well, I did and today's 4km was done in 50mins - so I am quite pleased with myself!

I stepped on the scales this morning before setting out on my morning walk and SMILES! Total of 8lbs lost! Sigh!! another 27lbs to go! I hope to reach this target by CNY 2009!

UPDATED:The Original My bento Diet

And big SIGH! got another round of iodine therapy come Nov 08 meaning I have to stop my meds for a month! This is the main cause of my weight going up and up and down.

And did I get to do all the things I wanted done today? Not yet... Last night's dinner was the treasure hunt done in the big fridge! And breakfast this morning was a mug of plain milo and a pack of nasi lemak and I paid RM2.30 for it?

And as I was unpacking this morning's purchases from the wet market... I discovered that I brought home one plastic bag (fruits purchase), one piece of waxed paper (nasi lemak purchase) and darn one small plastic bag (inside the nasi lemak pack - containing the sambal!) .

Well, back to the drawing board. Next week should be better! Gonna go eat my tau foo fah now (I brought it back in my mini tiffin carrier!)

~ strawberry sauce container and panda bento box strap ~


biblo said...

Clap, clap, clap!!! Congrats! 8lbs? That's a lot! I haven't been making any progress... I think must be all those late night eating. I have to go to bed early.

Bento Pet said...

Inspire me some more!!! I need a kick in the butt Em!

3lilangels said...

Congrats. Keep up the good work!

Did your sis get the sauce container and strap from Daiso? A sneak preview to the rest of your loot, huh?

Emily said...

Biblo: No eating after 8pm! (once a week ok lah)

Bento Pet: With a bit planning, I am sure you will do wonders!

3lilangels: Yes, she sure did! and for a non bento packer - she sure did well! A picture per post!