Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bento #44

4km this morning was done in 43MINS!!! Now.. just a word of caution, I graduated to 4km at 45-50mins from 3km. I walked 3km for a month before progressing to 4km daily late last week. It did not happened just today but I worked at it. So do it slowly! Don't rush!

Breakfast was my usual rice bowl of milo flavored oats with half a banana sliced into it. A slice of papaya and I shared an orange with DH as usual.

With my daily contact with food vendors, I am in fact advertising wasteless food packing! The fruit stall vendor is a nice couple and the lady had in fact promoted wasteless food packing to her own daughter! She has been admiring all my bento boxes and gear! I do hope she will do the same with her client with the standing instructions for fruits daily!

Today's bento was wanton noodles with sawi, steamed chicken drumstick, roast meat with more sawi, wanton in soup. Pineapple and honeydew completed my lunch!

~ more bento gear from the party! ~

Here I am with my transporter ~ Ah Keong (012-654-4067) ~ who has been providing the company with the best delivery service at reasonable prices! Do call him for your delivery requirements!


3lilangels said...

You're very good in publicity and advertising. Can become a PR person. Just a suggestion for your future job hunt. You deserve a nice long rest.

My head was spinning from all the stuff at the party. Didn't see this box. Also not stocked in DU's shop. Now regret again. Maybe I should pay SS2 a visit.....

Emily said...

Sharon! That's so sweet of you!

My brother just got married and moved out of mom's house. So I will try and spent as much time as possible in October to ease her pain! BTW mother just mentioned last night that MCA ladies are organising computer and internet classes for veteran members! Mother is 67 this year!

Well if you dont find this blue combo set in SS2 or elsewhere... let me know.. will swap the three pieces in the picture for a bento lunch from you!

Janet C said...

Congrats on your progress! Keep it up. *_*

Emily said...

Hi JC! Any pics of your bonanza win yet?