Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bento #33

I did my 3km in 34mins with a total of 55mins walk including food hunting. I aim to build up my morning walks to a total of 60mins each day for the next month. Food intake for lunch targetted at 550ml to 650ml.

Breakfast was a slice of papaya, an orange, two slices of toasted wholemeal bread with a pat of butter and marmalade.

Top: Smaller tier of the set ~ spinach noodles in dark sauce with sliced char siew garnished with cut pickled green cili and red cili flakes.
Bottom: Larger tier of the set ~ three fish balls, sawi and two pieces of seafood dumplings, garnished with chopped spring onions.
Next: And a wee bit of papaya!

I am so glad that Bento Pet reminded me to get a pack of trio (3 different colors) of the mini containers! Looks lovely as a set! TQ Bento Pet!


biblo said...

Yeah, I have the same set too!! Tell me why I need so many again? LOL!!!

Good idea, in order to eat more must walk more... Your lunch makes me hungry now.

Emily said...

Why!? For variety! of course!

I hope you enjoy your birthday bento box!

Wei!? whats your lunch today!?

3lilangels said...

Aiyah... I didn't buy the mini container. Otherwise could have a complete set too. I knew I didn't buy enough stuff.... hehe...

3lilangels said...

BTW, spinach noodles sound really healthy. Does that mean it's green in colour? I'd better get some for kids (and hubby)to up their vegie intake.

Emily said...

3lilangels: is 'bor choi' spinach? Yes, it is green in color but you cannot see it with all that dark sauce.