Friday, September 19, 2008

Bento #41

I did my 4km this morning in 45mins flat and continued walking to clock in 60mins for my morning exercise! DH commented that he is happy to see me walking every morning lately! We had a weight-in this morning and I am happy to inform that he is now the heavier one! For quite sometime I had been heavier.

Vegetarian fare is today's lunch. Today's bento box is the pink version of the bento party box. From bottom of picture: Plain stir fried cauliflower, brocolli and braised bitter gourd in bean paste sauce. The larger tier contains flour crepe wrapped shredded turnips, lettuce, carrots and topped with mayo and tomatoe sauce. The small container has two slices of vegetarian luncheon meat. A piece of sweet pineapple completes my lunch.

~ this bag was bought by sis ~

~ ** ~

~ bento boxes and gear from bento party - 4-in-1 rice shaper from other source ~


biblo said...

I have to keep up with u!! I have been lazy. The pink bag is so cute.

kel said...

Yeah, I got this pink bag too! Little girl likes it so much and wanna use it as her little shoulder bag!

Emily said...

Yup, agree - its so darn cute!

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Oh thats a cute bag, where she got it from?

3lilangels said...

Love that bag. It matches the bento box. From Daiso?

Emily said...

Yup! Bag from Daiso Spore at IMM building.