Friday, September 12, 2008

Bento #36

Aiyak! I only managed 1.5 km this morning before I stopped to chat with a couple of ladies with regards to the recently formed residents committee of our apartment complex. This reminds me to get one of my pet projects off the ground... will update here once its done! Today's walk totalled 35mins!

Vegetables in curry, fried rice with mixed vegs and chopped meat. Fish patties in sweet sauce.

Pineapple tarts from Melaka, oranges from breakfast (reserved for afternoon tea!).

A slice of birthday cake from the office. Its 'Chocolate Indulgence' from Secret Recipe... Diet's flown out of the window! (half in my stomach at time of posting!).


Bento Pet said...

Very yummy bento! Chocolate indulgence - #3's favorite cake from Secret Recipe!!!

3lilangels said...

Yum, yum. Love everything here, especially the Melaka jam tart and the cake. Diet tomorrow insteadlah.

kel said...

He he... U filled up the calories burned during ur morning walk with this yummy-licious bento and cake ;b

Lillie said...

Waah! the cake looks sooo yummy from this monitor lo ! NVRM, walk extra km mah!

Za said...

oohh! You are making me hungry looking at that delicious Chocolate Indulgence!