Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bento Lunch Jars Anyone?

From Stargal's experimental porridge post where she rediscovered a thermal food jar (read here) she bought some years ago, I am so tempted to get one for myself (do I really really need one!?? LOL!)... but its a thought!

Any way, I was visiting all my favorite bento sites and chanced upon Lunch In A Box ~ Mr Bento Lunch Jar ~ GIVEAWAY! She is selecting a winner randomly on Monday (her time!) 6th October 2008.

HERE IS MY ENTRY: I have been so tempted to buy a version of this jar but had refrained from doing so. (and I almost picked up a cheap knockoff jar for the same reason - smaller portions - but also managed to stop myself). A fellow Malaysian bento friend just posted her ‘herbal porridge’ packed in a lunch jar and I am so tempted again. Thank you for the highly informative comparison on the 3 versions.

My favorite hot and soupy dish to be packed in a bento lunch jar would be Prawn noodles and with the 4 containers - it will be of very reasonable portions (unlike a huge bowl if you eat it at the shops!). The tasty broth in one container, blanched rice noodles in another, several cooked prawns thickly sliced into 3 pieces laid out in the third container together with slices of cooked lean pork on a bed of blanched water spinach and slices of hardboiled eggs sharing the space in the last container with a generous serving of aromatic cili sauce.
Thank you for this lovely giveaway!"

And she made a comparison on three types of food jars! recently! Highly informative!

And here is another of her review: Sandwich cutters ~ dinosaur shape!


3lilangels said...

You made me drool with your description. Hope you win the Mr Bento.

stargal said...

wah, what a good giveaway! i posted an entry too... if i get it, it's urs! ;P

Emily said...

3lilangels: Fingers crossed!

stargal: only if you let me lah-li-lah-dum-plum with you!