Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bento #31

Did my usual 3km in 35mins this morning plus I walked to the shops for food hunting; did rather well I must say, was not exercising since last Saturday! Was away in Melaka from Sunday and back to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday afternoon. Did a whole lot of eating but surprisingly the numbers on the scale did not increase!

With two wedding dinners, mee suah in sweet oyster broth, Old Town Kopitiam Chicken Rendang Nasi Lemak, corney dogs and double scoops rootbeer floats! and the following - I count myself lucky that the numbers remained where they were!

Enjoyed a nice cuppa of CHAM (i.e. tea and coffee together!) and ice cream on toast yesterday.

This bento is 630ml. Today's bento consists of Chee Cheong Fun rolls and Yong Tau Foo. The food picks are not for kawaii-ness! but for ease of eating! Do take note of that small tub of sweet sauce! Skewered food was dipped into the sauce and not dredged in it! Thats another tip for dieters! You may enjoy your curry laksa but PLEASE DON'T DRINK THE CURRY SOUP! Now you know!


biblo said...

If there is nothing wrong with your weighing machine, try weighing yourself a week later..... LOL!!!!

And, and... your food is making me hungry!!!!

Emily said...

Ok, will check the scales next week but by then, I would be back on track with the exercising! Fingers crossed!

3lilangels said...

So cute. This bento gets a thumbs up from girlet, with sweet sauce of course.

Diyana said...

either way the food picks are still kawaii, intentional or not, hehehe.

btw, red flag went up today, right after i finished cooking sahur at 5 in d morning.

Mark said...

whoa! nice Bento. Wish I have time to do that too.

JO-N said...

Sorry for my innocence but I don't really understand "kawaii". Although I prepare bento for my kids too but I don't follow the bento rules. Never know what the rules are anyway.

BTW, I'm one who don't drink the curry soup :)

Emily said...

3lilangels: Your girlet and I are soulmates!

diyana: Great! see ya tomorow!

Mark: Hi! Thanks for visiting! Your blog is very informative!

Jo-n: Kawaii is Japanese for 'cute'!