Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bento #34

Today's 3km was completed in more or less the same time frame ~ 35min with a total walk time 50mins. I might as well increase my standard walk to 4km! and anything else extra is a bonus!

Breakfast today was the usual small bowl of milo flavored oats, a slice of papaya and an orange.

Today's bento :

[Left in 630ml box] Three slices of wholemeal bread, two as a sandwich with a spread of butter to help hold the fish floss (fish floss courtesy of Fiona ~ Biblo's workmate! TQ! Its yummy!). The third piece to be eaten with the beef rendang (in my new silicon cup ~ love the cup).

[Right in 490ml box] papaya, starfruit and chikkus!)

These boxes are not part of my bento party loot! Anyone else has these?

Reading: Trying to finish Paul Theroux's Riding The Iron Rooster, a borrowed copy from Sharon Bakar.... its a long overdued book!

Anyone else doing any reading lately?


biblo said...

The box on the right looks very familiar.... I think someone gave it to me as a birthday present. No prize for guessing who...LOL!!!

Haven't been reading.. bought John Grisham's Testament during the weekend and 3lilangels get to read first!

LODY said...

after visiting wendy's blog, i just knew your blog will me make me hungry as well.. lol good thing my tummy's full now...:)
however you guys present your bento, they look so yummylicious to me.. lol

Diyana said...

different box everyday i see.

kel said...

Yummy! I wanna rendang too! ;)

3lilangels said...

I want the rendang, and the ciku, and the bread with fishfloss. You're making me drool again.

I can't wait for Hari Raya to buy lemang in Taman Tun. So yummy with rendang and serunding.

Emily said...

3lilangels! Leman and rendang and serunding available RIGHT NOW! at the stalls selling buka puasa food leh!

Emily said...

Lody: Thanks for visiting!

diyana: not everyday a new one though!

kel: your fav? rendang chicken or beef?

Emily said...

biblo: looking forward to seeing your birthday bento box in action!

kel said...

both, as long as is rendang! I gotta go buy it 2moro.