Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bento #39

I did 3km in 37mins this morning and no extra. This morning's breakfast was two slices of steamed wholemeal bread with a pat of spread and marmalade with sliced bananas! half a mug of milo and the usual slice of papaya, halves of mango and orange

Hey, today's blouse is not so tight fitting! My weight loss is starting to show a little! Honestly, diet and exercise goes hand in hand. For me, exercising alone without dieting got me no where. I am so glad that I started food portioning via bento (well almost bento!) on Friday, July 18 2008 which by the way is exactly two months today! Simply put ~ food portion control is the way to go along with a minimum of 30 mins a day of simple exercise, such as putting one foot in front of the other - SIMPLE!

Here are some of the sites I visit regularly:
1. My favorite online health site ~

2. Read HERE ~ on how to balance your meals

3. Simple Exercise! ~ Walk Off More Belly Fat!

I use the following to monitor my speed and stress levels while walking:

a) Warm-up/cool-down: (3 mph) ~You can chat with ease.

b) Brisk pace: (3.5 to 3.8 mph) ~ Your breathing is pleasantly harder. Can still talk, but with pauses.

c) Push pace: (4 mph) ~ Some huffing and puffing. One to two-word replies.

Today's bento has white rice (about 300ml) garnished with cili flakes, stir fried bak choi (150ml), four pieces of braised chicken in dark sauce (200ml) and half a guava without any condiments.

BENTO lunches does alot for one of my pet projects ~ less wasteful packaging! While I am unable to stop usage of plastic and other types of packaging materials, I am happy to say that I had cut down tremendously the amount that I do use. I try to reuse, reduce and recycle wherever possible.

~ silicon cups bought at Bento Party ~


3lilangels said...

You're a big proponent of Bento - not only help the individual to control food intake, but also be environmentally conscious.

Emily said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!

Well I have my breakfasts and dinners with DH at home, lunches are up to my own device! So ta-pau it is! Even my fruit for lunches (unless otherwise stated!).

This morning, the lady running the fruit stall informed me that she has a standing order from a lady for fruits everyday. She showed me the order - 3 different types of fruit all cut and packed (horrors! - 3 individual white plastic bags in a larger pink one!). So I told her to advise her customer to provide her with tiffin carriers or reusable plastic ones! So buzy-body one me!

BTW my usual food suppliers loveee my mini tiffin carrier!

But I think a new bento box will debut tomorrow!

biblo said...

Today is tomorrow... am waiting for your new bento box debut... ^_*