Monday, September 22, 2008

Bento #42

4km is now my standard for exercise! I did 4km in 45mins yesterday! and 50mins :( this morning. I overdosed on carbs yesterday but had smaller portion at dinner to make up for it.

This morning's breakfast was two slices of toasted wholemeal bread with a pat of spread to hold the fish floss, a slice of papaya, half an orange and a banana. Half a mug of milo in hot water without milk nor sugar.
Today's bento box is a new purchase from yesterday's visit to Jusco! The big compartment is 340ml and the other two is 150ml each. Its an air-tight box with snap locks on 4 sides, brand ~ Everin Nano Silver, made in Korea.

The 340ml box contains brown rice mixed with black beans and shredded meat with steamed brocolli, garnished with cherry tomatoes. Beef rendang and more cherry tomatoes in the 150ml side containers. A banana completes the meal!

A new bag to go with my new bento box! Another Bento Party item!

~ ** ~

~ part of bento party loot ~


Bento Pet said...

They seem to have run out of the cutlery sets!

biblo said...

Looks like I have to jump start my exercising again... Think I put on weight last week. You are right, I suppose.

stargal said...

bento pet, yeah, i've looked for it at the connaught 100 yen shop, but can't find it. regretted not buying it during the party!

Emily said...

Mmmph, cannot remember how many sets I bought!? Both beige and pink sets!

See! My motto is always: "Buy First and You Will Not Regret!"

3lilangels said...

Wah! Another lunchbox! Your lunch looks suspiciously like Biblo's, minus the rendang. You two pakat, ah?

Yeahlah, now I regret big time. Will keep your motto in mind next time.

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Nice bag you got there..
Like the stuff you brought too!

kel said...

Wah! U really bought a lot from the party!

El said...

Wow! That three compartment Jusco find really is great! I wish I had a place to find good bento around here.

That rice looks amazing. Really, really amazing. Keep it up!

Emily said...

Ms____2be! ~ I did not really pay attention to what I was 'grabbing' at the party... now quite happy with the loot!

Kel: Well it was 3 bags and a box full! LOL

El: Yup, this box is indeed a great find. And the rice is very nice! Compliments to the chef! Moi!