Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bento #40

I completed 4km in 50 mins with one round at 11mins! Feeling good! Will try and walk 4km every morning until sunday! And when I reached work, I did another 45mins of moving stuff and packing fabric sample hangers. Gosh, rather busy today!

Breakfast was two slices of steamed wholemeal bread with a pat of spread to hold the fish floss, a slice of papaya and a mug of milo.

Bottom tier is 620ml: contains four fish balls in marmite sauce, chinese brussels sprouts and white rice. The 200ml container has three whole cikcus halved and the 120ml container has delish chicken curry.

Today's bento box is by Thermos, comes with an insulated bag. Another purchase from Jusco earlier this year!

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~ bento box and gear bought at Bento Party ~


3lilangels said...

Wow, so many new bento boxes in this post. The thermos one must have kept your lunch nice and warm. Curry tastes better warmed, yeah?

You are making good time with your walk. 4 km - No wonder you're feeling good.

Emily said...

Very nice lunch today!

Yup! the curry was delish! 120ml serving ~just right!

Plan to keep up the 4km daily!

The blue bento boxes are going out to a dear friend ..... soon!

kel said...

The marmite fish balls looks so yummy!

Bento Pet said...

Love you new Bento box. Does it keep warm? I like the brown 'table cloth' you used in the last picture!

stargal said...

saw that thermos bento box on sale too and was so tempted! but there's only so many bento boxes ONE gal needs, so had to drag myself away! ;P

biblo said...

So, you are going to temp us with something new everyday? ^_*

Great job on the walking. I have not been exercising this week and have been lazy to bento, too.

Emily said...

Biblo! How did you know I am using yet another new bento today? LOL

Next week is a new week!

Emily said...

Kel: the marmite fishballs were rather pleasant!

Stargal: aiks? where can say 'got enuf one'!! LOL

Bento Pet: The background is a round ottoman (you may use it as a coffee table with or without a glass top). The fabric is from our Italian range, a 'flock' fabric. It comes in a series of colors and has a coordinated stripe design in the same color range.

El said...

This looks extra delicious! I just found out I had some curry, so now that it's cooling down outside in my area, I think i'll attempt to use it! Good job.