Sunday, November 02, 2008

Terry Fox Run, 2nd November 2008

Ammo-gurl aka Diyana @ Terry Fox Run 2008!

AuntyJo aka Emily @ Terry Fox Run 2008!

Azwan & Ammo-gurl
Azwan & AuntyJo

Ammo-gurl & AuntyJo @ Terry Fox Run 2008!

Bookcrossing @ Terry Fox Run 2008

S is for ?

~ Terms & Conditions ~

Yasmin Yusoff & Ida (of Amazing Race)

Yasmin is back to mc this year's run!

Yasmin & Ida with the Organising Committee

Flag off for those on wheels

~ our (non-wheelers) turn ~

~ off we go ~

~ crowd in front of us ~
~ crowd behind us ~
~ below: Left - yr 2006 Tshirt, Right - yr 2007 Tshirt ~
picture below: end of 3km run please keep left,
turn right to complete 7km advance route!

a route less visited and travelled!

Look! Kenny Sia!
Read Kenny's entry on Terry Fox Run here!

We finished the 7km in 1hr and 20mins! Late but we arrived!


stargal said...

so the 'S' is for...???

Emily said...

'Smart' of us to get you a '2xS' and 'S' 'sizes' for your 'shirts'



for 'Start' !!

Janet C said...

Looks like you daily walk and bento-ing paid off. You look well and slim - cantik-lah!

Biblo said...

You look great there... that's the first thing Fiona said, too! ^_*

kiko said...

Nice to meet you.
I hope you'll have a nice holiday.

Tiger said...

COol.. how long was it?

Chet said...

"S" is for "Star". You're a star, Emily!

And thanks again for my red bento set!

3lilangels said...

"S" is also for Stunning and Sexy Emily.

My hubby did go to Lake Garden, but was late for the run.

Emily said...

Hi new readers! Tks for visiting and leaving yr comments! Shd be 7km according to Terry Fox website.

Chet: Hope you will use the red bento box soon and post some pics!

Ladies! I look in my mirror and see Angeline Jolie but the pictures here shows AuntyJo woh! Darn! drat and double darn.. alot more work to be done before CNY 2009! Wish me luck and keep up with all your encouragement!

Chet said...

Angelina Jolie and Aunty Jo - same initials, wat.

Any suggestions on what I can use the red bento box for?