Friday, November 28, 2008

A Good Read and Gratin!

Anyone ever heard of the book and film "The Graduate" by Charles Webb?
Pic Above: In a still from the film 'The Graduate,' Dustin Hoffman, in character as Benjamin Braddock, kneels on a bed behind American actress Anne Bancroft in character as the seductive older woman Mrs. Robinson.

Well I picked up the sequel (40 years later) today from my visit to BookExcess this morning and finished it after dinner today! Full of angst!
Read: Amazon on Home School here and do read about the author here: The Post-Graduate Lifestyle of Charles WebbHome School at Amazon!

And I managed to partake a nice serving of Chicken Macaroni Gratin while at Amcorp mall:

p.s. (post script) No walkie for me today!


Biblo said...

I remember vaguely the song Mrs Robinson.... Home School is full of angst or were you full of angst after reading? ^_*

Chicken Macaroni Gratin sinful! And no walkie!!

Emily said...

The book! and I can just picture Woody Ellen(?) not Hoffman (cos I did not catch Graduate the movie) in the role of Benjamin!

Gratin was delish hence sinful! And no walkies thurs, fri and sat! die lah... nos sure to creep upwards. must walk tomorrow morning!

Paul Lionel said...

Oooh I love these au gratins!