Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy Monday

DH left for his morning walk at 6.30am but returned 15mins later because of the heavy drizzle! And I was just about leaving for my own walk.... I was returning some stuff to my car and there was an old foldable umbrella in the bag which came in rather handy!

So I did my 4~1km rounds this morning with the aid of my trusty old umbrella! And in 50 mins! Last week I managed to walk only three mornings instead of the five I had targetted; so its one down and four more to go for this week! DH could not believe that I actually walked in the drizzle with an umbrella!!

DH made breakfast this morning ~ a small bowl of oats flavoured with ovaltine with a sliced restari banana, half a small seedless papaya and half a starfruit for me.

With DH away for the weekend.... I vegged out from Friday night and the whole of Saturday. While clicking away on Astro's remote control, chanced upon the Da Vinci Code which had just started.... ah well ... so I finally did both ~ read the book and saw the movie! There was a whole episode of Vanish without A Trace, reruns of Friends and Nanny.... And oh, caught Charlie Trotter's segment on how to make flavoured oils too ~ very interesting! Well that's about all I can remember from those two days of TV! And oh! there was a frenzy of housecleaning on Sunday morning and I did my weekend marketing too but managed to get most of my chores done before Diyana's arrival at 11am from Nilai; so you might guess that my Sunday started rather early! 7am!

Went out with my mother and my aunt Karen with Diyana for the whole of yesterday. My Aunt Karen had never been to Amcorp Mall on the weekends so thats where we were! Picked up two books at from the stalls at the lower ground floor: Jesus The Man and The Te of Piglet!

p.s. (not princess sophie!) ~ no bento today! and DH did bring back all the containers (except one piece ~ we are missing the bottom piece which must be in the car somewhere!).

p.p.s.: Went to a wedding banquet on Friday night and there was a glutinous rice dish served ~ why is it that its always glutinous rice in KL for wedding banquets and no rice dish at any of the wedding banquets I attended in Melaka?

p.p.p.s! Came home with ONE small plastic bag on Sunday from the market ~ I bought nasi lemak from a stall near the market ~ with chicken rendang and sambal sotong ~ delish! They came wrapped in banana leaf on wax paper and put in that darn plastic bag!


Emile Zola@life said...

Nasi lemak, yummy yummy. Moving forward I can't cook my favorite nasi lemak too often because my hubby just recover (admitted hospital last week, stomach problem). Anyway, i can still buy from outside stalls just for myself and kids, woohhaaa. Bad wife huh...

3lilangels said...

You're so dedicated, can even go walking with an umbrella. I would have settled in for a nice long snooze. :)

Emily said...

Hi Sonia, your sambals are probably too hot and spicy for him!

Emily said...

Aiyah Sharon,
I am double your size! cannot afford to have a nice long snooze too often!