Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bento #55 & #56 and etc etc

Last week I walked only on Monday finishing 5 1km rounds in 58mins and thats probably why the numbers on the scale went up! Sigh!

This week I am off to a great start!

Monday: 4 - 1km rounds in 50 mins,
Tuesday: 5 - 1km rounds in 58 mins
Today: 4 - 1km rounds in 50 mins!

This rice wine chicken with mee suah soup was one of the many lunches I had with mother.

Had lunch with Chet today (to make up for the horrid traffic of our Friday-lunch-at-Silverfishbooks!) I packed bentos for her and myself and we ate at Damansara Utama's 100Yen shop! Do you like my black 3-tier bento box?
Above pic: Bento #55 ~ sushi and maki and strawberry snow ice for me and Chet had Peanut snow ice! (I bought that red bowl for my ice!)

Pic above: Bento #56 - yong tou foo for both of us!

Pic above: a multi purpose screwdriver set I bought from 100Yen Tmn Pertama
Pic above: A post card from a young Malaysian-Bookcrosser who is currently studying in Hong Kong. Aint that sweet of her to think of me! Thanks for staying in touch with me, Criminologeek!

Currently reading Ernest Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises" and also looking at his last novel "True At First Light".

Finished Khaled Hosseini's "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and just to inform you ~ I had wept towards the end! This book is now in the hands of Molly! Enjoy!

Please also read 100Yen Shop @ Damansara Utama


3lilangels said...

Wow!Wow!Wow! What a scrumptious spread! And yes! I heart the black 3 tier bento box. Lovely!

Biblo said...

I love bento #55!!

Ron Jun/Megan said...

Hi...on and off I'll read ur blog cos it's link to 3lilangels blog.

Must saw "WOW" to the 3 tier bento..did you make the sushi???looks super yummy and i just love the bento box...

Am telling myself not to spend $$ on buying bento accessories but see all this nice set u guys got from 100 yen really makes my hand and mind itchy liao...

Will visit Taipan outlet in December when I go back!!!

Emily said...

sorry ladies, the black 3-tier bento box is a non-100Yen shop item! I got it from my favorite flea market stall at Amcorp Mall! I saw something kawaii square, black and shiny from afar and pointed my finger saying 'I want that! and darn cheap price too!

All food stuff for bento #55 & #56 -store bought!

Jess said...

daiso is coming to town....check this out !!!

Emily said...

Jess! ! !

Daiso!! where!!??? Stop teasing!! LOL!

Emile Zola@life said...

Nice sushi and bento box.

3lilangels said...

Yes... get the word out. Daiso is coming to the Curve. Check Bentopet's latest post! Hurray!